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1374120_10152009744160769_1554700844_nI’m full.

My calendar is full. I knew October was going to busy, but I had no idea it was going to try to kill me. Just when I think we can’t add one more thing, somehow we do. And so far, it hasn’t tipped us over into 2014. No matter how much white space I fill in on my calendar, the days still come one at a time, in pockets of twenty-four hours. No more, no less.

The good thing is that my schedule is full of sweet and wonderful things. We just had a wonderful visit with friends who feel like family. I’ll see them off at the airport and then make my way from the departure gate to the arrival gate to greet Susan and her family as they begin their visit. Both grandmothers will follow so they can celebrate my daughter’s first musical performance. Kelly’s mom will be with us on opening night and my mom will be with us for the musical’s closing. In between and simultaneously, we have practices and performances and the beginning of our family’s “birthday season.” In  the rush of all that’s happening around me, I’m trying to slow myself down to enjoy each and every one of these precious moments with people I love.

My stomach is full. The best thing about having company is introducing them to our favorite places to eat. The worst thing is trying to fit into the clothes that fit just fine before our visitors arrived. But it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

My brain is full. I’m thinking and processing and evaluating and figuring. I just wish I had more extra time to move a lot of these “thinkings” to some place other than my head. They’re taking up a lot of valuable real estate.

My heart is full. This has been a month to celebrate friendships. I’ve been thinking about how blessed I am to have people who love my family enough to shoulder the time and expense and effort to travel across an ocean to spend time with us. I’ve watched my daughter and her very best friend reconnect and I’ve been taking friendship lessons from  a newly and almost 10-year-old. I’ve relaxed in the company of friends who know me and love me anyway. They’ve spoken truth into my life and I’ve found refreshment in their company.

But today’s a perfect picture of a pretty consistent theme in my life. Aloha can mean hello, but it can also mean goodbye. Just a few minutes before I get to hug on people I love and haven’t seen in awhile, I have to say “see you later” to friends I love and don’t know when I’ll see again. And I have to do it again next week. And again after that. And again after that. That’s why I love that “aloha” also can mean “I love you.” I like that meaning best.

I hope your October has been full of good things, too. IMG_8245



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