Oops! I Just Accidentally Ran 26.2 Miles!

Did you hear about the Canadian who accidentally ran a marathon?

Yeah, you heard me. Meredith Fitzmaurice of Ottawa decided to run a half marathon last weekend as training for her upcoming first marathon in October. But somehow she missed her turn and ended up on the marathon route instead. By the time she realized what she’d done, she was making such good time she decided to finish the race. Not only did she finish the race, she was the first woman finisher of the race. And she qualified for the Boston Marathon.


How does that even happen?

Look, I’ve accidentally done plenty of things, but my accidents don’t usually lead to winning anything. Like Kelly said when I was reading him the article about Meredith, “When I accidentally do something, it usually leads to something getting broken, dented, or burnt.”

I’ve accidentally totaled enough cars that at one point State Farm cancelled my family’s insurance for a time. My parents should be canonized.

The other night I meant to be on Pinterest just long enough to look up a recipe I needed for dinner and accidentally ended up on the computer for 1 1/2 hours.

I accidentally fell back to sleep a few mornings ago and set all kinds of records for getting my family out the door to make it to our appointment on time. My heart was racing so fast I counted it as my cardio for the day   week   month season.

Like Meredith, I’ve even accidentally missed my turn before. In fact, I did that very thing this morning on the way home from a field trip. But my mistake didn’t win me any marathons. In fact, it took me through a construction zone where I had to make another detour, costing me about thirty extra minutes of driving time.  And another rapid pulse which I am totally logging as more cardio, thereby meeting my quota for the season year. I checked the machine when I got home to see if the Boston Marathon people had called and I’d qualified for something, but so far, nothing.

Yeah, I’ve unintentionally done many things, but I can promise you I have never in my forty-three years ever accidentally run anywhere.

I could easily own this t-shirt:

Skreened t-shirts

Skreened t-shirts

That’s one of the pins I accidentally found looking for that recipe. Score!

And I found this one completely unintentionally as well:

4c2db5e3ca21f8013e6b0f1984f0f095It’s not just because I run like Phoebe:

It’s mostly because I don’t want to run. Oh, I want to want to run, but I don’t. I don’t like it. I like my lungs to not feel so, what’s the word? Burny.

I have plenty of friends who run and they say they love it. I don’t think they’re liars. I just think they’re…what’s the word? Weird.

But Meredith Fitzmaurice runs. And sometimes when she does she accidentally runs and wins marathons. I kind of feel sorry for her friends. Well, maybe not all of them because she probably has plenty of runner friends who accidentally run places all the time. But I’ll bet she has at least one friend like me.

Can’t you imagine that Monday morning phone call?

“Girl, you are not going to believe this! It’s the craziest thing! Well, you know how I’m always getting lost? Even with my GPS? Well, somehow I took a wrong turn on the race and instead of running the half, I ran the whole thing! And I won! And I qualified for the Boston Marathon! I am SUCH a goofball! So what did you guys do this weekend?”

Have mercy.

Well, I don’t know about Meredith, but I’m going to continue my streak and not run anywhere accidentally or on purpose this weekend unless it’s to Target to see what’s on sale.  I hope you all have a great weekend and if you make any mistakes, may they all be marathon winning ones!



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3 responses to “Oops! I Just Accidentally Ran 26.2 Miles!

  1. Nica

    Thanks for reminding once again of one of the reasons I love you! (Wiping laugh tears. . .)

  2. Ok so I LOL-ed. Like actually and for real. Hilarious.

  3. this post could easily be me!! I have already told my husband I want that shirt!

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