My Daughter, The Word Problem Critic

I’ve noticed a trend on my daughter’s math worksheets.

Lately, she’s decided to add her own commentary to her word problems. This is the first one I noticed.


Never mind I was more concerned she misspelled “really” than whether she had answered the question correctly. Actually, I have to agree with her on this one. Either Sam has some sort of passive aggressive feud going on with his mailman and is trying to make his job more difficult, or Sam just doesn’t get a lot of mail. Who plants a garden around a mailbox?

This was yesterday’s worksheet.


I guess since her first offering wasn’t rebuffed, she decided to go for a two-fer.

I will be reminding her she said 27 minutes was a little long for a person to be on the phone when she’s a teenager and I’m paying for her cell phone minutes.

Checking her math worksheets is starting to become my favorite part of the school day.

Who says word problems can’t be fun?

May all your word problems have insightful and entertaining commentary today.



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7 responses to “My Daughter, The Word Problem Critic

  1. nwhannas

  2. I love it!
    My Mikayla is learning about ancient Egypt in 8th grade social studies right now, and it reminded of me when we were learning about Egypt in 4th grade home school. The question was, “How did ancient Egyptians use the Nile River?” Her answer: “Wisely.” ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. hisgirlamber

    Your daughter has the exact amount of sassafrass necessary for an enjoyable person. High five, chicadee.

  4. How fun! Love that your daughter has decided to add her spice to the math questions. She’s spunky and sassy. Love it. She’s going to grow up and change the world!

  5. me

    That’s my girl!!!
    Way to think, Anna!
    Who said math can’t be fun? Love it!!!

  6. April Counts

    Loved this. I actually found it while searching for activities to teach The Lord’s Prayer to children, and it was one of the images in the search. I had to see what it was, and I’m glad I did. Made my night.

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