Happy Laboring or Lack Thereof

Happy Day After the Holiday Whose Meaning is Unclear to Me But I Welcome Because It Provides a Long Weekend For Which I Am Always Grateful!

Since I’m never sure whether you are supposed to labor or abstain from labor on this holiday, I did a little of both this weekend. I caught up on some projects I’ve had dry rotting on my To Do list and I also spent some time reading and sleeping. The last few weeks have been out of control and I had built up quite a sleep debt. I still don’t think my sleep tank is full, but at least I’m not running on fumes any more.

So last time we talked, I was telling you about Siri and how she refuses to learn to speak Hawaiian. You may remember me giving a little bit of grief to her friend, the GPS. Well, funny story: Not long after I wrote Siri the letter, the fam and I were running some errands and needed the GPS to help us navigate to our destination. When I tried to type in the address, the whole unit froze. I couldn’t finish the address, couldn’t delete what I’d typed, couldn’t return to the main menu, nothing. We couldn’t even turn the thing off. We decided to unplug the whole unit and hope all would be well after the battery ran all the way down.I realized then and there Siri had sold me out. She must have told the GPS we make fun of the way it slaughters all of the street names and so now we were going to get the silent treatment.

Luckily, we know our way around to most places we need to go so I gave the GPS a few days to cool its jets. The next time I needed its services, I plugged it up and was pleased to see it eagerly pulled up the address I had requested, but I noticed something odd. The GPS had stopped saying the street names. Instead of saying, “Turn left on Ulupalakua Street,” the GPS voice just said, “Turn left in 1.5 miles.”  Oh, my stars, we shamed the GPS so much it won’t even attempt to speak Hawaiian anymore!!

Of course, eventually my youngest son ‘fessed up. Seems he was trying to change the voice to the one who only speaks Mandarin and I almost caught him in the act so he had to stop before he was finished. Apparently there’s a setting that doesn’t speak the street names. But I’m still not totally convinced the GPS didn’t just give up on trying to say street names correctly.

Since today is kind of like our Monday and it’s already shaping up to be a full week, I need to cut this short and go slay some dragons. But I’m curious….does your family labor or abstain from labor during Labor Day weekend? Also, do any of you actually know what we are supposed to  be celebrating/commemorating/honoring on this “Official End of Labor” holiday? (And don’t you dare leave me a link to the Wikipedia article about Labor Day. I did not find it to be particularly helpful.)


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One response to “Happy Laboring or Lack Thereof

  1. pinkkudzu

    We choose to labor away at being lazy on Labor Day at our house. I have known in the past why we celebrate labor but I’m choosing not to remember that. It’s too much fun being lazy, catching up on the sleep so we can return to our normal labors.

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