Is it Ironic? I’m Really Not Sure



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I was in the middle of writing an entirely different post, but I think I’m going to let it rest for awhile. Which is ironic because the post I was writing  was about resting.

Did I use the word “ironic” correctly there? I recently read an article about words we commonly misuse and “ironic” was one of them. Several years ago I read an article criticizing Alanis Morissette for not using irony correctly in her song, “Isn’t It Ironic?”  But I say, maybe Alanis wasn’t sure if she was using irony or not. So she asked, “Isn’t it ironic?” which may be Canadian for “Is it ironic? I can’t tell.”  Ironically (again, I may not be using the word the way it’s truly meant) when I tried to find the article on Google, I found a video of two girls who have  corrected Alanis’s song so it really is ironic. I don’t think it’s nearly as musically appealing as the first one, but it was fun. And kept me distracted and away from what I really should have been working on at the time.

I mostly blame this post on my college friend Jeff Noble. He wrote a post yesterday listing blogs he follows, encouraging his readers to take a look. He was kind enough to recommend this blog along with Susan’s to his female readers. I wasn’t even offended he didn’t think his male readers would like my blog. That’s why I mention it to you now.

Anywho, he said our blogs were, and I quote, “very, very funny,” end quote. (I guess you still put the quotation marks even if you type out the words “quote” and “end quote?” Does anyone know? This whole post is making me very insecure.)  When I read his description, I thought, “You know, I don’t think I’ve written anything even remotely funny in awhile.” I looked back at my last few posts. I have two deaths and an angsty teenager interspersed with a post linking you to stuff other people wrote. Nope. Not too funny. And the post I was working on today? Well, I don’t think it would have made anyone cry, but it was kind of thinky and not really humorous.

Before we proceed, I feel like I should establish I’m not saying this post will necessarily be funny. I’m just saying the post I was writing definitely leaned more towards “not funny.” This one doesn’t seem to be leaning one way or the other.

The whole Jeff incident reminded me of a time another friend who is also named Jeff (would that be ironic?) sent a friend to read my blog. This Jeff is friends with a writer I admire. (I’m not going to use names because, well, I’m just not. Maybe I’m trying to protect the innocent. Or Jeff. Or me. I don’t know.) Anyway, Jeff told his friend he should stop by the blog because he thought he might like what I had to say. Jeff didn’t tell me he was sending his friend over. The day he sent him, I happened to mention a famous person in my blog. I’m not really a fan of this person. I honestly don’t know much about him. I’d never mentioned him before and haven’t mentioned him since. I’m not even sure why he popped in my head, but I used him as an example. But ironically (can I get a ruling?), this famous person was the ex of the woman the famous author had just started dating. What are the odds, sports fans? Not in my favor, I can tell you that.

Well, all of the preceding was just the introduction for the post I was writing in substitution for the post I’d originally intended to write, but it’s late and I’m tired and honestly, I don’t really remember where I was going with this. So the message I’m sharing today is I don’t feel confident in my understanding of irony.

But I wonder if any of you really know how to use irony correctly. Points to anyone who can explain irony so I completely understand whether it’s truly irony or just  coincidence or plain bad luck. More points to anyone who can list (if there are any) the true examples of irony in this blog post. Winner will receive a prize from one of the Jeffs. Since I hold the two of them entirely responsible for this post. Ironically.



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6 responses to “Is it Ironic? I’m Really Not Sure

  1. You are very funny. 🙂 I believe there are degrees of irony and that some situations can be more ironic than others without fully diminishing the irony of the first. Of course, I could be wrong … Which is why I avoid using the word. 😉

  2. This was my tweet today: In your honor. I’m not sure I have it right either…
    @printsesspress: So the 2013-2014 school year begins today. I bequeath 1 6th grader and 1 K5er to the halls of CBA. And I’m not one bit emotional. #irony

  3. First time reader; I can already tell I am going to love your blog.

    But I can’t help you understand irony… I hope we can still be friends.

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