Share Time

Remember “share time” in youth group? And the same few kids who used “share time” as an opportunity to hone their monologue skills? What started out as a prayer request would morph into some rambling story complete with character development and plot twists. Well, hopefully this post won’t be like a lot of those “share times.” I want to share with you a few things I’ve read this week that struck a chord with me. These are things I’d want to talk about with you if you were hanging out in my living room with me today. I wish you were hanging out in my living room today, but since you aren’t, this will have to do.

This post on Stuff Christians Like is actually a rebroadcast of a post from a few years ago. It’s about the marks we carry around that were given to us by other people. Here’s just a blurb:

I still, like lots of other Christians, forget who I am. I still give other people’s words too much power. I don’t have it all figured out. Instead, more than anything, life feels like it’s been a long series of believing that I am not who other people define me to be, I am a son of God. I am God’s work of art. And the more I have been open to believing that, the more He’s shown me it’s true.

I was catching up on Ann Voskamp’s blog and a couple of posts there gave me pause.

How to Live Through Anything: The Fish Principle” (Wow. This one won’t leave me.)

“The 1 Mantra that Everybody, Every Family & Every Kid Needs” (I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to teach my kids about grace, mercy, and justice. As I’m learning, these are words I definitely need to remember for myself and my family.)

Finally, we’ve talked more than once about the sweet ways God shows us He loves us. I’m not necessarily talking about the big ways, like our salvation and Heaven and blessings that sustain our very existence. I’m talking about the little minutes in our day that He didn’t have to do but that point to how much we mean to Him. This story is about one of those “God touches” Karen Kingsbury experienced, but it ended up also being special to me. The song she’s talking about was one of my mom and dad’s favorite songs. It’s the song I had played for them when they walked down the aisle together at my wedding. Isn’t it just like God to use a story of a “God touch” to touch someone else? Maybe it will be a reminder to you today to remember how much God loves you. You matter to Him.

“Karen Kingsbury’s Inspiring Encounter on the High Line”

What about you? If you were hanging out in my living room with me today, what have you read recently you would want to talk about?



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6 responses to “Share Time

  1. Heather

    Good stuff!! Looking forward to diving in and thinking on these!
    If I were in your living room (which would be so awesome), I probably wouldn’t talk about what Id read as much as how friendships have impacted my life.

    • whimzie

      Aw man, I WISH you were in my living room right this minute! I would love to hear what you have to say about friendships because it’s one of my favorite topics of discussion!!

  2. Sara Campbell

    I think we might laugh about a few things. I also think I’d tell you how I thought you were the prettiest girl at OBU and that you haven’t changed a bit…other stuff. That’s just what came to mind…:)

    • whimzie

      Well, that just made me tear up. That was the sweetest thing anyone’s said to me all day. I just have to believe God’s going to let our paths cross again somehow someday. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. linda phillips

    Great share time! I lovef the Rod Stewart story. God is beyond so cool.

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