Ever since I made a commitment to myself to write a blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, those three days have been crazier than they’ve ever been before. Friday was no exception. I had hoped to join in on Five Minute Friday, but I just didn’t have a chance to work it into my schedule.

The topic Lisa Jo chose for this week was “Remember.” I’m not setting the timer, but this is what I would have written  if I’d had a chance….


I remember you sitting at the dining room table with your NCAA brackets sheet. Every March you’d fill one out and compete with the guys at work to see who could pick the most winners. I don’t remember when I decided I wanted to do it, too, but every year since, I filled out my own brackets. I don’t think you took my participation seriously. Maybe that’s because I didn’t have a very scientific way of choosing my winners. I’d pick the ones with the best mascots or only the schools whose names I recognized, or even by who picked the best color combinations for their uniforms. And without fail, no matter how they’d played all season, I’d put Duke in my Final Four and I always picked Duke to win it all. You’d shake your head and consult the scores to see how well you’d fared.

No matter where I lived, when March rolled around, I’d fill out my brackets because it made me feel closer to you. Sometimes I’d mention it to you when we talked on the phone, but many years, I never said a word. But I faithfully participated because I knew you were, too.

Since you died, I haven’t filled out the basketball brackets. Everything had changed and since you were why I started doing it in the first place, I didn’t see any reason.

But your youngest grandson has decided  basketball is his favorite sport. So this year, I printed out brackets for the boys and me. Maybe one day they will remember how their mom checked the scores to see how we all fared. I can’t say that my selections were anymore scientific than they used to be, and as always, I put Duke in my Final Four, but I chose Indiana to win it all. Because sometimes things don’t stay exactly the same.

But I’ll always remember.



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2 responses to “Remember

  1. Susan Chaney

    💔 Excellent post. Thanks for sharing your heart. My parents have always been avid sports fans of the local team. As they have gotten older, they have chosen to cheer from home rather than in person. Baseball still keeps them at the park for now. Lots of great family memories are tied to sports events. Cheering for you and your boys in the brackets! It’ll be a great memory for them and for you!!

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