By George, I Think She’s Got It!*

*I’m pretty sure it should be, “I think she HAS it,” but I’ll leave it alone since it’s really more of a cultural reference kind of quote.

Hello to you from where I sit, smack dab in the middle of my Monday. Most of you are almost finished with your Mondays, but please don’t tell me how the rest of the day goes. I want to be surprised and I don’t like spoilers. Which is why I’m not even sure if I even need to start watching Downton Abbey, because according to Facebook, everyone dies at the end of this season.

I wish I could camp out here for awhile, but I only have a short time to write. When the oven timer dings, I have to get back downstairs because lunch break will be over and the second part of our school day will begin. Now that we’re nearing the end of our first real  year of homeschooling, I’ve had some time to reflect on lessons learned. I don’t cry every week anymore so that’s definitely a check in the “plus” column. I can’t even remember the last time I met Kelly at the door with my car keys in hand, threatening to run away and never come back. Of course, that could be because when you live on an island, running away threats aren’t taken all that seriously. Where am I going to run? Wahiawa?

I hate feeling rushed because I have lots I’d like to talk about and timed events make my insides jumpy. While I’m typing, I’ve been downloading the pictures from my phone to my computer. As the pictures show up on my screen, they remind me of even more things that I’d wanted to write about. All I need is the song from Jeopardy to play in the background and I’d be on my way to a full-fledged panic attack.

Deep breath.

Okay. I’ve narrowed it down to one. I want to show you a picture of an email that I received the day after my last post about how God always provides.


Isn’t that crazy in the most fun way? I’m sensing a theme of sorts, are you?

My mom once told me that she and my dad named me Amy because they wanted something that would be short and easy for me to spell. I’ve always thought that didn’t demonstrate a lot of faith in my intellectual capacity. But when I see how many times God uses multiple messages to get His point across to me, I realize they may have not been way off the mark. I often need God to say things slowly and use small words so I’ll get what He’s trying to say to me. I’m glad He obliges.

And in case that wasn’t enough…

We had a guest speaker at church yesterday and his sermon was about “The Land Between.” It was about the Israelites and the time they spent in the desert. Do you remember who I compared myself to in that last post? Those same whiny Israelites and the time they were camped out between Egypt and the Promised Land.

I’m reading through the Bible along with my church and we’ve been wandering through the desert with the Israelites through Exodus, Leviticus, and now Numbers. It made me think of the time my oldest son looked down at his brand new baby brother and sister and with all the love he could muster in his three-year-old heart, patted their heads and said, “Aw, aren’t they just the cutest little Hebrew babies?” One of his favorite books at the time was about Moses so I’m guessing that’s where he got the idea to call them that, but aren’t we all like those little Hebrew babies sometimes? Especially when we’re traveling that “Land Between.”

Now you’ve got me chasing rabbits. Although I have much more I could say about my desert wandering ways, the point I was trying  to make is how sweet and loving I think it is that God wants us to get what He’s saying to us. I think I’m especially sensitive to the way He makes Himself clear right now because honestly, for the longest time I’ve felt like I’ve been on the wrong end of the parable. Know what I mean? I feel like everyone around me is experiencing great moments of clarity where everything makes perfect sense and I’m the only one saying, “I don’t get it.”

“I don’t understand what this verse means.”

“I can’t make sense of what this person is saying about You, God.”

“What in the world do you mean by that?”

As my friend (just because she doesn’t know me doesn’t make it not so) Beth Moore used to say, “Sometimes I’m blonder than I pay to be.” That’s how I feel in my walk with God some days.

But then God makes things abundantly and exceedingly clear in a way that not even I could miss it. So I’m telling you about it. Because maybe you still need to hear it, too. So let me say it again until we’re all  completely and positively sure:

God provides.

He told me so, Himself. More than once.

I’m posting a link to the video of this weekend’s sermon. The speaker’s name is Jeff Manion. It was a great sermon if you have time to take a look and listen:



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2 responses to “By George, I Think She’s Got It!*

  1. He spoke at a conference I went to and read his book, so good! Loved it

  2. Sami

    I literally LOL’d at the Hebrew babies!

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