GD always PRVDS

Sometimes I feel like I live in the intertestamental period. Camped out somewhere between Malachi and Matthew.

Maybe I’m more like one of the Israelites Moses led out of Egypt, wandering around kicking the same, tired dirt in a dry, dusty desert of my own making. I’m just cooling my heels, waiting for a prophetic word to give me direction, a cloud of fire to lead me, or even a piece of manna to satisfy the hunger that gnaws into the pit of my very being.

But then God does something to remind me that He is more than what I think or feel.

Kelly and I were talking about the future on the way to baseball practice the other day. His future. Our future. We have decisions to make in the months ahead. Decisions that will set the course for our family in the days and years to come. It wasn’t a tense conversation. We were just discussing possibilities and trying on different tomorrows in our heads to see how they fit.

As the traffic snaked along, I happened to notice the license plate on the car in front of us.




God provides.

Right in the middle of our conversation about what our future holds, God sent a sign. Just a little reminder that we didn’t need to worry because “He’s got this.” And His message wasn’t delivered on the back of a beat-up clunker.  I think God wanted to point out that when He provides, He does it in style. He gives like He loves: extravagantly and completely.

Whether I deserve it or not, God provides.

When I don’t even know what I need, God provides.

Beyond what I could ever ask or imagine, God provides.

Even what I don’t see His hand or hear His voice, God always provides.

The story of my life is made up of chapters of how God has provided for me exactly what I needed every step along the way.

Lately I’m digging down deep into the foundation of my faith.  As I look at what I know for sure, I’m thankful that God doesn’t withhold His love or plans for me based on my faithfulness, but He provides because He is faithful.

Even when I’m living somewhere between Malachi and Matthew.




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4 responses to “GD always PRVDS

  1. Amy, I’ve been reading your words for years through my dear friend Candace. I must admit I’ve been a non commenting follower but this post struck such a cord with me, that I had to come out of “hiding”. I have not been gifted with a way of words like you and Candace but if I could describe in any shape form or fashion my current state of mind, it would go pretty much as you have eloquently written above. Thank you for the reminder that He does provide, even when I can’t see it. Thank you for being “bare”. Thank you for sharing your gifts!
    On a side note, I’m also the mom of twins and and singleton, born within 18 months of one another! I must contantly be reminded that God provides, specifically in the areas of patience and mental stability!

  2. I love this friend. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  3. I needed this today. I just finished looking at few houses without my husband. NOT a good idea by the way. One may go fast, but I don’t feel comfortable spending that kind of $ without him seeing it in person. So we’ll wait to the weekend when he can drive 4 1/2 hrs to see it, if it’s still there. I needed this reminder that God provides. If not this house, then another. He will provide.

  4. BTW I’ve gone to New Hope on Oahu. When we’re there for business, we live in the Twin towers across from the Theater location. Small world. : )

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