Five Minute Friday: Cherished


Before I start writing all willy-nilly for five minutes, a couple of things.

First, Kelly read my last Five Minute Friday post and told me that since our pool is a lap pool, if I try to dive into it, I would surely die or at the least, potentially cause great harm to myself. So if I learn to dive in 2013, it will not be in that pool. Good to know and I am really glad he reads my blog and keeps me (often) from doing crazy things that would not turn out nicely.

Second, I’m working hard to be more consistent in a lot of areas in my life and showing up here is on that list. It’s just that adding full-time teacher to my responsibilities when we decided to homeschool this year (not sure if I mentioned that) has put a major dent in my stack of free minutes, and that pile wasn’t overflowing to begin with. Just wanted you to know I’m trying and will hopefully get better. I appreciate those of you who still stop by to read.

So without further ado, I’m setting my timer for five minutes and I’m joining a bunch of other sweet bloggers at Tales From a Gypsy Mama to free flow write on the topic Lisa-Jo chose for us today. On my mark, get set…..


Many minutes in my day I see their faces, but I don’t cherish them.

I hear their words, but I don’t let them sink into where I’m living in the middle of grocery lists and laundry piles and the next thing I can cross off on my To Do List.

I think about being “intentional,” but quite honestly, in the busyness of Wednesday, I let a lot of minutes slip on by in my hurry to get to the time written on my calendar. The place we have to be. The activity we have to attend.

But then there are moments I remember to cherish.

The way her sweet, angelic face beamed when I remembered to tell her how much I appreciated how I could trust her word. She needs to hear those words from me.

The grin he gave when I snuggled beside him on the couch to work his tangram puzzle with him. I need to remember that snuggling is his love language.

The very detailed story he told when I actually listened and with my body language told him I was interested and wanted to hear more. He’s not that far from being a teenager and I’m not guaranteed I’m always going to be the one he wants to tell his stories to.

The way we sat on the couch together wrapped up in one blanket holding hands. Sometimes I need to be reminded that we are still on the longest date of our lives. I don’t always remember to treat him like my boyfriend.

The sunsets this week that I stopped and savored. I’m so thankful for my life and where God has allowed us to be. I work very hard to savor every experience of this season.

The minutes this morning when I dug deeper under my blanket and deeper into God’s Word. I’ve been so inconsistent in my times with my Father, but I’ve been working on that this month. And I’m starting to feel a little closer to God again.

After she’s written a personal note to each member of her immediate family, Karen Kingsbury always closes the dedications of her books the same way:

“And to God Almighty, the Author of Life who has — for now — blessed me with these.”

I think it’s the “for now” that gets me, because I know firsthand how short “for now” can be. But it’s a reminder to me to cherish the faces, the words, the touches, the moments together and to let those I love know how very cherished they are to me.



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12 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Cherished

  1. Awwww… this was beautiful! And you are so right about the “for now”. Sigh.

  2. That is a beautiful post. Your words flow with a rhythm that my heart beats to. Congratulations on taking on home schooling – I need to meet home-schoolers and associations as I have a little book for children aged 2-7 called Tadeo Turtle with activities and a free 24 page curriculum. Of course, being a beginner I never know where to start. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
    I love your honesty where you say that sometimes you are so “busy” you forget to cherish the moments. Me too. I am trying to be very intentional this year. To live in the moment, not go ahead of God and be aware.

    • whimzie


      Homeschoolers love their local libraries so I would see if you could leave some information there. Or even work with the libraries to host one of their story times, maybe?

      I subscribe to several homeschool groups on FB and get curriculum ideas there. That might be another resource for you.

      And don’t underestimate Pinterest! I find lots of homeschool ideas there as well so maybe you could create some boards for your book there!

  3. benpip

    Aww great post!

  4. 🙂 My response is a simple smile. I love what you had to share here. So much to cherish and it seems so little time to do it. But when we do take that time to snuggle, to give our full attention, to love on them, the time seems to slow and we are able to pause and soak it all in. Oh, that I would do that more.
    I too have started a ‘different’ schooling adventure this year, teaching at a school started at our church, and not writing, even though I love to write. I think Five Minute Fridays make it easy to jump in here and there and get those thoughts out 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for cherishing your family.

    • whimzie

      Thanks, Stephanie! When I was posting my link, I was actually drawn to your picture and it made ME smile. It was fun to see that same picture nestled in my comments! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. These exact thoughts have been on my heart lately. I was looking through old pictures the other day and realized yet again how very fast my kids are growing up…I need to cherish this time. Not just in my heart but in my actions. Lovely post!

  6. mom

    I cherish you!!!

  7. You truly make my heart smile.
    I love the focus on the word “cherish.” I think I’m going to make that my word of the week (not that I usually have a word of the week, but this might be a good place to start).
    The picture takes my breath away, by the way. ❤

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