Once uponce a time…..

Once uponce a time is how my Little Snoodles used to start their stories and it seems like just as good a beginning as any, so….

Once uponce a time, there was a girl who had lots and lots of words inside her that took up valuable real estate inside her brain. Because of her husband’s job, the girl moved a lot so she didn’t always live in the same zip code or even the same time zone as her closest friends. Getting to know people well enough that you feel perfectly comfortable spilling your extra words all over them can take time, so the girl often walked around stuffed with words that had nowhere to go. One day her BFF, a plan maker and goal setter, after much thought and careful consideration, decided to start a blog. The girl, who was not known for her plan making or goal setting, didn’t give it much thought or careful consideration, but she decided to start a blog, too, because she hated to miss a good party.

The girl started writing posts about things she would have liked to have talked about over a grande chai latte with her friends if any had lived near her. Friends started visiting her blog and she even was able to reconnect with friends she hadn’t talked to in a very long time. She reconnected with a girl she’d known in college who also had a blog. Her college friend had friends who visited the girl’s blog and become the girl’s friends who lived in her computer.  Those friends had friends who visited and before she knew it, the girl’s life was rich with incredible friends who brought laughter and color and a richness to her life and she was much the better for it.

The girl was the type who actually reads instructions so she began to read blogs about blogs. The bloggers of these blogs about blogs said that the girl should have a purpose and a theme for her blog. They said she should know her tribe and gave her lists of things she should and shouldn’t do. The girl ignored them and decided she wasn’t looking for a tribe she was just looking for friends to do life with. Friends who would love her even if she had ended the previous sentence with a preposition and was overly fond of the ellipsis…..

The friends were patient with the girl when she didn’t post consistently, even though the bloggers of blogs about blogs said that she should. They didn’t mind. They were there for the girl when her journey took her down a path she wasn’t expecting to travel. The road was hard and the girl stumbled many times along the way. But the girl’s friends, many of whom didn’t even really know her by the name her mom and dad had given her, were there to help her up. They prayed for her, listened to her, encouraged her, and loved her. They were a bright light in a very dark place.

The girl’s life had changed and the girl had changed along with it. She needed a break, not from the friends, but from all the words. The words had been heavy for a long time and she needed to put them down for a bit and rest. So she did. She missed the blog and she missed the friends but the break was healthy. After awhile she felt the same feeling one might feel if she’d gone too long without writing a thank you note (a feeling the girl knew all too well, unfortunately). The more days that passed, the harder it was to know how to come back, but she missed the blog and she missed having a place to put all of her extra words.

So one night, after the dinner dishes were done (mostly) and the kids were tucked in bed (mostly), she sat down at her computer and started typing.

“Once uponce a time,” she typed and she prayed that blogging was like riding a bike. Actually it took the girl a lot longer than the average person to learn to ride a bike so that she hoped that blogging was more like reading a good book. She had no trouble remembering how to read a good book.

She couldn’t promise she’d be any more consistent at posting than she’d ever been. She wasn’t even sure that people were blogging or reading blogs these days–she thought she’d read somewhere that blogs were dead–but she’d never been on the cutting edge anyway. She’d never followed the blog rules. Why should she start now?

She’d just start writing again for whomever happened to be reading as she did life one page and one blog post at a time.

Hopefully Not the End.


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19 responses to “Once uponce a time…..

  1. raeofsunshine06

    Keep blogging erratically! Personally, I have difficulty finding the time to read a blog on a daily basis,…and then I get behind and then I feel bad because I’m behind and then,…well, you know,…it just all snowballs from there!! As a fellow lover and over-user of the ellipse,…and one who occasionally ends a sentence with a preposition, I say blog on, sister! Write all you want, we’ll read more!

  2. "me"

    “Welcome home”! I’m so glad you’re back!!!
    Love you more!!!

  3. Faithful follower

    Welcome back! I have missed you so much!!!

  4. Susan Chaney

    What a lovely, lovely surprise I found this morning! It was you!!!! You are a rare gem to be sure. You belong to Him. And He shares you with us. And we are forever grateful!! I have received much encouragement and exhortation through your words. Thank you seems so small. Peace and prayers for you.

  5. nwhannas

    I’ll always be grateful for your blog, for it precipitated our friendship. Friend, I love & miss you so…and I miss your posts. But I’m so very grateful that I don’t need this blog to feel connected to you. Our friendship is beyond a ping in my inbox. Nevertheless, this…this was a treat to behold, as I woke up this morning. Love ya oodles, Mrs. Snoodle.

  6. Hooray!!! I was JUST THINKING THE OTHER DAY about the Snoodles and how I would love for her to get back to her online words. 🙂 Hip hip Hooray!!! 🙂

  7. Deena

    Love you sweet friend! So glad to call you my friend in real life, but I’m also glad you are a friend that lives in my computer. I’m always glad to read your posts. I love that God designed you to be a girl that has lots of words. Thanks for being willing to share those words. Blessings! Deena

  8. Linda

    I know the healing waters of the Pacific. Went through a really hard patch in life right there in Hi. As Dickens said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”…but in God’s perfect plan it was the exact right time and place. I love what one friend wrote, that the blog entries aren’t necessary to keep hearts united-how true that is. We hold you, Chris, and Mom close to our bosom everyday and pray that God is finding a way to help you through until you can see and hear your Dad again. I know Nov. is especially hard but please know that every person your Mom and Dad’s lives intersectected with remember and pray. Blog at will, no pressure-life is too short for any added deadlines,obligations, and ‘ought tos’. It is enough tht we are making it through these monumental times-but we’d love to hear your voice coming through hedges as we trek along. God bless you and your family, know that you are loved, cherished really. It’s too early (not at Ellis Pottery of course) but Mele Kalikimaka!!

  9. I’m so glad your words are coming out again. I’ve missed you. I send my love.

  10. You know what? This post fits me and my blog exactly. I just started up again too, and it feels good to know that I’m not alone in my blogging “return” (hopefully not the end).

  11. Angelle Tibbets

    Aww, I’ve missed your blog! Isn’t there some school we should meet up at again soon…..maybe in HI! love seeing all your adventures on FB! Take care my friend!
    PS This read like a Dr Suess book! 😉

  12. offthebeatenpathministries

    Good to see you around again. Believe me, this little girl doesn’t do the blog thing right either. And I try. I do try. But life gets in the way. And I’d rather live than write about living. I don’t think anyone is reading my blog right now, but I’m posting most every day. I think I lost everyone a few months back. Oh well. No whining here. Just typing away! And so very glad to hear your “voice” again.

  13. Sami

    It gives me the biggest smile on my face to see when you’ve posted! i did it for the first time in 6 months but i have no idea if i can ever actually be consistent. Who cares what the silly rules are! Oh, i think that every sentence can end with… 🙂

  14. Rhonda

    Ha! Nice to hear from you, friend. No expectations, just hello.

  15. LeahAnn Young (Sammi Smiths friend)

    I am so excited you posted again! You make me SMILE!

  16. Nica

    Nice of you to drop in to my computer, today! Please, feel free to do so any old time you get the dishes (mostly) out of the way. =)!

  17. Bebow

    I love your words! You are soo gifted at using them and I, too, am glad to see you back. I always look forward to your blog and will be thinking of you and your family this month. I lost my brother this month so now I have two Jerry’s in heaven!

  18. hisgirlamber

    what to do with all the words? that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

  19. I’m late, but … I love this. Huge hugs to you!

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