I had to stop by to do some blog housekeeping and could not believe that it has been almost five months since my last post! I knew awhile back that I was heading into a busy season. I added several new responsibilities to my plate at the beginning of this school year and this is another “moving summer,” which always takes up any extra time I had lying around the house.

I probably could have made a little more effort to write a post here and there, however sporadic, but this busy season actually offered a good excuse to lay low for awhile. Snoodlings has always been a place where I’ve been open and honest. It’s been the place where I’ve worked through the hard stuff and shared what I’ve been learning about life. But I needed some time to take my introspection offline for awhile. I just needed a break from all the thinky thinks. It’s been a little longer hiatus than I’d anticipated, but that’s okay.

I’ve missed the outlet that writing these posts provides for me. I’ve especially missed my online community of friends. I plan to come back and be more consistent at some point in the future, but I know that with another big move looming ever closer, it will be awhile before I’m able to write regular posts here.

I’ve missed Snoodlings and I’ve especially missed those of you who trusted me with a few minutes of your time to read what I had to say. I hope to visit again with you sooner rather than later.

Until then,




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8 responses to “MIA

  1. Susan

    When I saw you in my inbox I smiled. Lovely to read you again even if only for a summer shower in the midst of high humidity! Be blessed and a blessing. I’ll be ready to be encouraged whenever. Happy moving.

  2. nwhannas

    Tried to comment from my phone, but wasn’t able to. So happy to see you again, Mrs. Snoodle. I’ll be waiting for your next post, whether in a moment or a while. Heart you muchly.

  3. lavidacoffeegal

    Go ahead and take your extended boggy break now… A little bird of the Royal Carpool kind told me where your next station is… So I will be living vicariously through your posts when you get there. xox

  4. Sara Campbell

    Thinky Thinks. Best line of the day.

  5. Sami

    Even a few words from you always make my day happier. Or, in this case, my night. Or maybe it’s my dreams since I’m laying in bed… 🙂

  6. Have you quit blogging?

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