Five Minute Friday: “Remember”

I’m linking up with the Gypsy Mama today. Every Friday she gives us a writing prompt and five minutes to write. No editing, just words straight from the heart. This time I didn’t go over not even one minute and I’m pushing the publish button without even reading it a second time. I am living on the edge this fine, fall Friday!!

Today’s prompt was “Remember.” Here’s what I wrote:

I wonder if this will be a permanent effect caused the events of two years ago.

I’d always heard it said that the holiday season is never easy again after someone you loved so much is no longer there to be a part. No new memories only old ones that still seem so very sharp in places.

But I choose to remember fondly. As so many things associated with my grief, the memories are bittersweet.

But some memories are mostly sweet.

Her texts yesterday and today have  reminded me of this.

“I got my first white chocolate peppermint mocha yesterday…..”

“I soaked a peppermint tea bag in my coffee for about two minutes….it was so good!!….Who needs Starbucks?!”

She is attached to so many memories that I hold so close to my heart. So many that are associated with this time of year.

Yes, I remember the bad, the ugly, the hard.

But I remember the friends who stood by. The friends who showed up before I even knew I needed them. The year I learned more about what friendship looks like than I’d ever known before.

And so I choose to remember…..



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6 responses to “Five Minute Friday: “Remember”

    • Susan

      Wow, beautiful writing that tapped into all my own griefs over losing someone so dear and treasured. And fears, too, that I could lose a child. Please, no. Thank you for those well-crafted thoughts.

  1. Been thinking about you…. Xxxooo

  2. that is your community… your tribe.
    when you find them… and it sounds like you have.. pour into them.. because those are ones willing to pour into you.

  3. Susan

    Remember, when the Christian life didn’t seem so hard. I had some fanciful thought that I’d teach the world to smile, like that Coca Cola commercial, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” And now, am I even that same person? Weighed down by financial pressures, noting more aches and pains in this aging body, learning to say, “good-bye” to more friends who are dying, and that gut wrenching farewell to my college kids who are wondering why the adults are so stressed out around them? Could they maybe teach us to smile? They do. When I get those rushed texts between classes, Mom, l love you! That’s all it takes. I remember God’s goodness to me.

  4. Jessica

    This is beautiful, raw & from the heart. I love it! December 5th will be the 2 year anniversary of my FIL’s death and I try not to be sad because of the kids.

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