When Do You Deck Your Halls?

I wrote a post with my thumb on my phone whilst riding home from a field trip with a bus full of fifth graders. But apparently I was thumb typing in vain because when I got home, it hadn’t published. Oh, well. It was probably not going to get any votes for my most Austen-like post. Not that this one will. Not that any of them have any votes so far. Not that Jane actually had a blog and therefore, posts to which one could compare.


It’s Wednesday, so we’re talking about the holidays and ways to make them more meaningful and less stressful. Today, let’s talk about Christmas decorations. Specifically, I want to know when do you put up your Christmas tree and deck your halls with bough of holly and such? I know most people consider it a cardinal sin to show any Christmas spirit until Thanksgiving is over. That’s the plan I’ve always tended to subscribe to, but this year, I’m thinking about starting earlier.

We celebrate Christmas with Kelly’s family over Thanksgiving in Kentucky. By the time we get back in town the weekend after Thanksgiving, our calendar is pretty much full with commitments. We say no to as many as we gracefully can in order to preserve family time and our sanity, but still we end up with quite a few obligations that we just need to fulfill for various reasons. I feel like as soon as we get back from Kentucky we hit the ground running and one of my favorite parts of the season, a Christmas-y house to enjoy, becomes more like a chore that I’m fitting into whatever spare minutes I can find in between activities.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of Christmas decorations. I never feel like a have time before the holidays to clean out my boxes properly and by the time I’m putting everything back after Christmas, I’m just ready to get them packed so I can cross that chore off my list. This year, I would like to pull out a box at a time and decorate at a more leisurely pace.

I know some people think we rush Christmas and I hear people complain that the stores start pushing Christmas earlier and earlier, but I love the entire holiday season and I’m for any excuse to make it last a little bit longer! I love coming home to a house warmed by Christmas lights! I usually start listening to Christmas music around Halloween because I just can’t wait any longer,  so if I start pulling out my Christmas decorations a little earlier, I’ll really just be making my outside match my inside!

Here’s a quick holiday decoration storage tip for you: I am trying to make my decorations easier to find in my storage area by packing them in colored plastic storage bins that match the holiday. For example, all of my Halloween and fall decorations are in orange containers. This year I’m planning to change all of my Christmas storage bins over to red and green (Since they get moved every year or so, many of them are in desperate need of replacement!). I want to get a pink bin for my Valentine’s stuff.  The color coded bins make it easier to make sure I have all the decorations for that season. Just a suggestion.

So let’s discuss: When do you do your holiday decorating? Do you do a lot of decorating or just a tree?



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14 responses to “When Do You Deck Your Halls?

  1. We start Thanksgiving weekend and it takes at least a week to a week and a half to get everything down and out. I have many Santas that go out because most started out as my Dad’s and I inherited many of them and try to add one every year. Our tree is never “themed” unless you call family hodgepodge a theme. We do have an artificial tree because the dog will drink the water in a real tree reservoir. Christmas goes out in to every room of our house. All 4 of the bedrooms, all 3 bathrooms, and even the hallways.

  2. Jen

    We decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Religiously. I too have thought sooner might be better…

  3. nwhannas

    I tend to wait till the day after Thanksgiving, because I really like celebrating Thanksgiving for all it’s worth. However, our first 2 weekends in Dec are filled with Christmas productions, so I often end up just “fitting in” my decorating–and that’s a shame b/c I really enjoy it. Wonder if I can be creative and find a way to do both–perhaps starting by around Nov 15th. I love this series, Amy. Makes me think of the holidays and that makes me so happy.

  4. I like to celebrate one holiday at a time so I usually wait until after Thanksgiving. However, the year my dad was diagnosed with cancer we put our tree up early because we desperately needed some CHEER.

    I am so excited that we’re staying home for Thanksgiving this year. I hope to put our tree up a day or two after Christmas and not feel the stress you’re referring to when you get home and hit the ground running! I say GO FOR IT!!!

  5. I meant to say “a day or two after THANKSGIVING”. Sheesh.

  6. Jamie Huguet

    Well, Daphne is already like starting to decorate. I mean if I don’t start now, how on earth will I have time to shop for all of my Prada, Ya know?
    Actually, in all seriousness, I will start organizing all of my decorations and seeing what I need to replace next week. We too go out of town for Tgiving so I don’t get to spend the day after setting up. I also love Christmas so much that I think four weeks is no where near enough time to celebrate. And getting out stuff that I have had since I got married and as each kid has come along, is such a fun time of remembering that I like to savor it and not feel so rushed to get it done. So, I will be thankful at Thanksgiving for all of my Christmas cheer. LOL

  7. Stephanie

    I would love to put mine up the weekend before Thanksgiving if I could get away with it. Some years when we have been traveling I have because it’s so busy when you get back home that there is not time to enjoy it. Now that we are in our new house, I’m hoping to do that again this year and really enjoy it. Trying to talk my husband into lights on the house – going all out. 🙂

    And LOVE the colored bin idea!! I always wondered who were those that felt they needed the colored bins for every holiday – the smart people!! 🙂

  8. Most people think I’m crazy but my Christmas stuff comes out the second weekend in November(for several reasons). We decorate every room and leave it all out until after epiphany. 🙂

    We travel the week of Thanksgiving and then hit the ground running w/ activities right after that so it makes sense for me to do it early so that I can relax, drink cocoa, and watch Elf with the kids while putting out the decorations. Also, we do our annual Christmas Craft Weekend the 2nd Saturday in November so I like to have the mood set. 🙂

  9. Melanie

    I usually get Christmas up before Thanksgiving, because we almost always go out of town and I like to come home to the Christmas spirit in full swing! Sure, some of my friends think I’m crazy, but that’s ok with me.

  10. It’s tradition ’round here, this Ozark Farm Chick put’s up the tree and decks the halls the day after Thanksgiving. I’m not one of those who covers every surface of the house but I do add a little Christmas to each and ever room. I’m a one tree kinda of gal though. ‘Just sayin’………

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya’ll have a most blessed and beautiful day!!! :o)

  11. Linda

    Thanksgiving weekend. I love to take my time and enjoy decorating. I try to add a new decoration each year to freshen up the old ones. I do love Christmas!

  12. Betty Boop

    Usually the Saturday after Thanksgiving….my daughter and I really like to live on the wild side and make it a mother/daughter day of endless shopping that Friday. We are slowing up on that a bit as we get older and the boys get older……not as much on their Christmas sale catalogs highlighted and circled. Is it just me, but it seems like so much hard work getting all the stuff out and up but I can bring it down in record speed, usually the day after Christmas!

  13. Sami

    I usually start putting things out a little before Thanksgiving. I never get my tree until after though. Always always real. Never ever fake. I did put up my I Love Lucy tree a few days ago though. (that one is fake!) I always decorate for fall on September 1 so I’m now trying to convince myself that it’s just not fair to have almost 3 full months of fall decor and 1 of Christmas. And Christmas is my fave! I’m struggling with pulling everything else out now…seriously, I go back and forth about 5 times a day. But I have plenty of time to decorate since I’m not working right now. I know that I’m not going to wrap anything until my tree is up because that’s just fun and cozy. I love everything about Christmas at any point in time. I start to wander the Hobby Lobby aisles in July and listen to random Christmas music around the same time too.

  14. Becky Smith

    Last year we had a cheapo tree with plastic decorations because we had a Rottweiller puppy who liked to chew, chew, chew. I am looking forward to hauling out my traditional family decorations this year. I always do my mom’s tree for her during the Thanksgiving holidays. The last few years I have been tired and stressed when I got around to doing my decorations. I think I may try to talk my husband into hauling everything out and decorate before we leave town. He likes the decorations, but not the trouble so I have to sweet talk him into getting things out of storage for me.

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