Things I Learned at FamCamp This Weekend

1. I like to camp!

You heard it here first, I not only survived, I had a great time! It had been way too long since I’d spent a chunk of uninterrupted time outside playing. Out in the woods, the air was sweeter and the stars were so much brighter. The daytime weather could not possibly have been more beautiful.  I loved watching my kids be kids. I liked being unplugged from my regular routine and plugged into my family.

2. I actually prefer cold weather for camp sleeping.

Even though our area broke a weather record for lowest temp on that date (Congratulations.), 38 degrees didn’t seem as cold as I thought it would. I actually sleep better when it’s cold, much to my husband’s chagrin. He doesn’t always enjoy my desire to have the overhead fan in our bedroom set to what he calls “propeller speed,” but I like to snuggle in warm blankets with only my face exposed to the cold. So the temperature didn’t bother me. No, my sleep challenges resulted in lesson 3:

3. Next time I’m bringing an air mattress or at least a better sleeping pad. Those paper towel-thick I rented from Outdoor Rec didn’t do a whole lot for me. I’m a side sleeper and after only a few minutes I’d lose all feeling on whatever side I was sleeping which required me to turn to the other side. Which is harder to do in a flannel sleeping liner inside a sleeping bag than I thought it would be. But I managed.

4. I’m also bringing toilet paper. Enough said about that lesson.

5. Everything tastes better outside and I’m pretty sure the calories don’t count. All that outside living made us hungry and food has never tasted better. And as I’m sure you’d all agree, nothing beats a campfire s’mores. Or several campfire s’mores.

6. Even though you know the stories your Pack Master told around the campfire about the Euchee Maniac and the purple gorilla and the Indian ancestors who pull kids through the floor of their tents aren’t true, it’s hard not think about those stories on your way to the bathroom by yourself with only a dim flashlight to light your way.

I never have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but I had to get up Saturday night. I didn’t wake anyone to tell them I was going, so as I walked to the bathroom which was a little walk from our tent, I realized no one in the world knew where I was.

But I made it back to my tent safe and sound.

7. I love my bathtub and bed more than I ever have because of FamCamp. I don’t know when I’ve ever been so glad to be clean and so happy to snuggle in my own warm bed.

I have a few pictures from our phones but today is a teacher work day at my kids’ school (Woo to the hoo!) and I don’t want to miss out on spending this extra day with them, so this unedited post of lessons learned will have to suffice for today.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend at least half as much as I enjoyed mine and I hope you have a great Monday!



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3 responses to “Things I Learned at FamCamp This Weekend

  1. carpoolqueen

    Welcome back. I’m glad the bears didn’t eat you (which is the only thing I can think of when I’m in a tent).

    Oh, and take your own TP to DisneyWorld, too. It ain’t so magical.

  2. Glad you had fun! My son had back yard camp-outs for 3 b’days in a row, from 8-10. And my dtr slept under the stars on the trampoline this summer. Me? I like the fresh air and frolic. But I prefer camp outs such as these, or in a cabin/yurt. Otherwise, I just feel like a pioneer woman with a bad back and no sleep. I do find renting an RV and acting like I’m camping to be an intriguing thought. Just as long as s’mores are involved.

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