Just Breathe….

A couple of weeks ago I had a doctor’s appointment. In the course of the doctor’s interview, he asked me if I was experiencing any stress in my life. And I laughed.

Who isn’t experiencing a little stress? Life is stressful. And we’re all busy. If you’re breathing and walking around on the face of this earth, chances are you’re busy and you’re experiencing a little bit of stress.

I’m not sure when our culture decided to wear our busyness and stress as medals of honor. I get tired of the competition to try to appear the busiest. It’s certainly nothing to be particularly proud about, yet we somehow equate the lack of blank space on the blocks of our calendar with success. Maybe we think that in order to justify the space we’re occupying on the planet we have to keep moving at all times….no matter the cost.

I didn’t realize how much tension I was holding in my body until the other day. I was sitting at the computer answering some emails that I should have responded to a couple of weeks ago when I realized that my shoulders were somewhere just below my earlobes. I noticed that my teeth were sore because my jaw was clenched. The TV was off, I wasn’t playing any music, the kids were at school, and I was the only person in the house. I realized that it had been way too long since I’d listened to silence. In the quiet of that moment, I took a deep breath, unclenched my jaw, dropped my shoulders and closed my eyes. I took a minute to just be. To just breathe.

I’m taking a few more minutes to breathe and laugh and remember this weekend. My twentieth (!!) college reunion is this weekend in Arkansas. This is not a convenient time to be away. My To Do lists have sub-lists, the kids will have to miss a day of school, I’m leaving a lot of things undone…..and I’m perfectly okay with that. I have my husband’s blessing and a reserved hotel room with my best friend. All my lists and chores will be waiting when I get back, but I think some time away will be do this body good.

Maybe you can’t get away this weekend, but you can take a few minutes to just be still and quiet. Maybe you, too, need to remind yourself to just breathe.

The blog will be “just breathing” (and barely at that) until I get back, hopefully refreshed and ready to tackle my lists. I’ll see you then!

Have a great weekend!



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6 responses to “Just Breathe….

  1. Gretchen

    Have a blast! To do lists can wait. Love u.

  2. CPQ

    See you TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Renae

    See you girls on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Safe travels!!!

  4. Becky Brumley Smith

    Hope you had fun! I can’t believe it’s been twenty years.

  5. Sara Campbell

    So glad you got to go. I miss Fall in the US/OBU so much, but just this morning I went on a run… ok power walk…ok walk for exercise. I never realized how many colors of Fall I see here, even amid a desert and evergreens. It was a nice time to breathe. And now, I think I’ll curl up with a 20 year old Reader’s Digest. (Seriously. I’m an m, what can I say?)

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