A Red Letter Day

We had a great family weekend. Full, but fun. I won’t belabor all the details, but probably the highlight of our time was probably our family bike ride yesterday afternoon.

To understand the full significance of this event you need to have a little background information. Up until a couple of weeks ago, neither of my seven-almost-eight-year olds could ride a bike without training wheels. Up until very recently (as in Saturday), one of my seven-almost-eight year olds didn’t know how to tie lace-up shoes. I don’t know if it’s my “advanced maternal age,” which is how my obstetrician classified me the last time I was pregnant (which considering the hormone factory that is a gestating mother of multiples was either a courageous or stupid thing to do), the fact that these two were not born first, or just that I tend towards Type B tendencies, but I don’t stress about milestones the way a few of my friends do. I think it has a lot to do with some wise counsel Carpool Queen gave me when my oldest seemed to be a little slow on the uptake with the whole potty training skill set.  She sagely said, “Amy, I doubt he’ll be wearing a Pull-Up to his senior prom. He’ll be ready when he’s ready.” And, as usual, she was right. He is in fifth grade and wears boxer, thank you very much. Although I doubt he’d be thrilled that I shared that information with the rest of you. Let’s just keep it ourselves, shall we?

So, anyway, the fact that one of my kids didn’t know how to tie shoes and two of them couldn’t ride a two-wheeled bike was something I thought about but not something that caused me to lose sleep.  Last weekend, my next-door neighbor taught my youngest two to ride by putting them on smaller bikes they could balance with both feet on the ground. Literally, within minutes, both kids were riding and my son was even attempting some Evel Knievel moves. So, this weekend we put them on their big bikes and they’re now training for the Tour de France. The shoe tying happened even more quickly. We bought a brand new pair of lace-up tennis shoes a couple of weeks ago that have been sitting in the box because someone didn’t want to learn to tie because it was “just too hard.” Dad took charge of the tutorial on Saturday evening and now “has velcro” is no longer the starting requirement for any future shoe selection.

Yesterday we decided to go for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood just because we could. One of my babies looked over at us as we pedaled down the street and said, “This is a big day for our family. We can all ride bikes and we can all tie our shoes.”

It was a big day indeed.

**This is where I would have inserted the picture my neighbor took of the whole fam on bikes if we could find the connector thingy that attaches Kelly’s phone to the computer. You would have loved it.***



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2 responses to “A Red Letter Day

  1. Precious, precious, precious, indeed. That is the BEST way to teach a kid to ride a bike. If you dont have smaller sized bikes available, lowering the seat as low as possible usually is enough to get both feet on the ground.

    What more do you need to learn after shoe tying & bike riding? Those pretty much hit the essentials in life. 🙂

  2. Great post, Amy! My son turned 3 last week and can finally pronounce his name (it’s one of those toughy Biblical OT ones… ya know…) I’ve taught many kids to tie shoes at school…velcro has given us the luxury of waiting. I heart velcro in Pre k!

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