Behind-Your-Back BFF’s Birthday

My daughter’s BFF is having a birthday today. We wish we were there to celebrate with her, but since we aren’t, we decided to post a video message instead. You may not even know sweet Ruby Jane, but if you have or have ever had a BFF of your own, I think you’ll like this video.



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7 responses to “Behind-Your-Back BFF’s Birthday

  1. I was thinking about your daughter and her BFF the other day. They have BFF tee-shirts at Crazy8 with no apostrophes or other grammatical or punctuation problems. 🙂

  2. Kay

    That was just too sweet! I know your daughter’s BFF loves it!! I actually share a birthday with my BFF, so birthdays are always very special to us…we make sure it’s a day all about us! YOu have a lovely little girl!

  3. Linda

    How Precious! Everyone needs a BFF and to find one in a church nursery as infants is very special indeed. I hope they always stay close.

  4. LOVE it! Your daughter is precious and I think Ruby is pretty blessed to have her as a BFF.

  5. … if I could choose to have everything I every wanted or you…. *sniffle* so sweet!

  6. My BFF gave me the same shirt yesterday. Yay for BFFs!!!!

  7. Jeff luce

    I love this and so love those girls! Thanks for posting!

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