Deciphering Plantation Casual: The Real Reason We All Need Facebook


Recently my husband and I were invited to a fundraiser/silent auction and I found myself stumped by the dress code requested on the invitation. Flummoxed when not even Google could provide me any clues, I decided to take my question to my friends on Facebook.

ME: On an invitation for next week the dress code is “plantation casual.” ???? Would this be like what Scarlett would have worn to Piggly Wiggly?

FRIEND WHO GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL WITH ME:  Maybe you need to make your clothes out of the kitchen drapes instead of the formal living room drapes

COLLEGE FRIEND WHO WASN’T REALLY A FRIEND UNTIL WE RECONNECTED ON MYSPACE AND NOW FACEBOOK:  Hoop skirt with sandals for the girls, tank top with seersucker for the guys

NEWEST AND ONLY LOCAL FRIEND AMONGST THE COMMENTERS:  Ha ha! You’d better make sure “it’s fittin’, ’cause if “it ain’t fittin’, it just ain’t fittin’.”

ME:  And now I want to watch Gone with the Wind.  My FB friends are the best commenters ever! Thanks for the laughs!



SOUTHERN BELLE FRIEND WHO GIVES EXCELLENT ADVICE ON HOW TO SURVIVE A FUNERAL:  If the left top corner of the invitation is folded down, then a straw boater hat is required. If the top right corner is folded down, no hat, but corsets and linen are a must. And if the bottom left corner is folded at a peculiar angle, be busy that day!!!

MY HAWAIIAN SISTER: I wait patiently for the photos.

MY HAWAIIAN SISTER WHO IS THE BLOOD SISTER OF MY OTHER HAWAIIAN SISTER: What day is the party? I will have my phone in my pocket that day. Or in my bra strap if it is a day with no pockets. I am just THAT interested and amused!!!!!

I included the long-winded descriptions of my friends because I don’t get their permission to use their real names on the Internet, but as I was laughing through the comments I realized that each of these commenters represented a different season of my life and somehow or another through Facebook, everyone was in one virtual room sharing some fun on a pretty regular Thursday afternoon.

I know social media gets a bum rap and it can be a big time waster if you let it get out of control, but I’ve also been amazed at the good it can do. I’ve had the chance to  actually hug the necks of friends I had previously only known through their blogs.  One of my dearest friends on this whole planet is someone I’ve never even met. Social media hasn’t just brought new people into my life, Facebook has brought me back in contact with friends I haven’t heard from in decades. I’ve enjoyed being invited to be part of their lives again.

Nothing takes the place of real life community with the people you get to see on a daily basis, but the relationships modern technology affords us is pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, I still have no idea what I’m wearing to the fundraiser next Friday. Was it just me, or did my high school friend’s comment remind anyone else of this?


I think they were all pretty funny, but which comment do you think was the funniest?  I’ll give the winning commenter bragging rights on my Facebook page, which is worth absolutely nothing. I’m just curious to know which you liked best. Better yet, if any of you are well-versed in plantation casual attire I would LOVE it if you would enlighten me. Quickly. Anyone?!?



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14 responses to “Deciphering Plantation Casual: The Real Reason We All Need Facebook

  1. Hi Amy! So nice to see your note. Thank you for my belly laugh of the day. I deleted my Facebook acct. months ago, but this post actually made me miss it. You have a very witty group of FB friends. I have to say that the sister of your Hawaiian sister’s comment was very cute(putting the phone in her bra…) I’m not fully sure what PA is, but I’m guessing it would have something to do with big hats. I picture men in crisp suits and women carrying umbrellas (though I can’t stop picturing pineapples??). Maybe you should bring one just in case (take your pick… umbrella or a pineapple) 😉

    • whimzie

      Hey, Mims! My Hawaiian sister will be glad to know you voted for her!

      Are you thinking pineapples because of the Dole Pineapple Plantation, maybe? Carrying a pineapple to the event would definitely make a statement! Maybe I’ll just take one with me in the car just in case everyone else has one, too.

  2. “MY HAWAIIAN SISTER WHO IS THE BLOOD SISTER OF MY OTHER HAWAIIAN SISTER: What day is the party? I will have my phone in my pocket that day. Or in my bra strap if it is a day with no pockets. I am just THAT interested and amused!!!!!” = my favorite.

    Something cotton with tobacco coloring would be my suggestion. With a big picture hat. But what do I know. 🙂 I was raised in CO.

    Love you, friend. And, I, too will be waiting with baited breath for pictures. With my phone in my bra, as an act of solidarity to the Hawaiian sister-sister.

  3. You need to wear your red petticoat!! I can’t believe I forgot that the Other day on Facebook!!!

  4. The kitchen drapes cracked me up. Give that woman a prize!

  5. alison

    Although the phone in the bra strap conjured some fairly interesting mental visuals for me, top prize goes to…drum roll please…making your dress out of the kitchen drapes instead of the formal living room drapes! Maybe that’s my pick because I, too, immediately thought of that old Carol Burnette sketch…or maybe it was the mental pictures that followed of my sweet childhood friend all decked out in the kitchen drapes! So…since I got two giggles for the price of one…how could that comment not be my favorite?!

  6. hey Amy

    Email me your information….you are the winner of the 300th post giveaway…I am so happy….Email to

  7. Oh, I love Carol Burnett.

    And I have absolutely no idea what that dress code means. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

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