Beyond Technical Difficulties

Have you ever wondered what a broken LCD screen looks like?

This is used to be our television.

My daughter was just trying to be obedient. I had asked her to put away her video game and get ready for bed. She has a kiddie karaoke machine that plugs into the back of the TV. As she was trying to pull out the little plugs, she pulled the whole television set out of the armoire and onto the floor. The only thing she hurt was her heart…well, and the TV.  From the outside, the TV looked fine and I thought maybe we’d dodged an expensive bullet until my oldest son and I manhandled it back into the armoire and turned it on.

And saw the jagged crack and the technicolor lines.

It’s actually kind of pretty in a screensaver kind of way, but not in an optimum television viewing experience kind of way.

I showed Kelly when he got home and we both agreed that although it was an expensive thing, it was just a thing. We assured our daughter that her brothers couldn’t vote her out of the family for breaking the TV they’re allowed to use to play video games and she finally calmed down and went to sleep.

I was going to wax poetically about how we can find beauty in the brokenness and how we may look good on the outside but be broken on the inside and maybe throw in a line or two about how good it feels to be forgiven, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a broken television. With a cool screen saver on a broken screen.

In other news, I have a dress-up event tonight. I’m not in a dress-up place today. I’m in a Piggly Wiggy “Big on the Pig” t-shirt and gym shorts kind of place. Guess I’ll need to change places.

In the meantime, I need to straighten up this house before the babysitter gets here. Or at least clean the bathroom. Which brings me to my questions of the day:

1. Do you clean your house for the babysitter? I’ve run out of excuses for why my house is always upside down when the sitter comes. “We just moved in,” doesn’t work because she knows we’ve been here a year. I used “We just got back from a trip” two weeks ago. “This is how we’ve chosen to live” just seems so fatalistic.

2. What do you feed your sitters? Every time my mom started slapping fish sticks on a cookie sheet, I knew we were having a babysitter. We never had fish sticks any other time. Do you have a meal that you always serve when the sitter is responsible for dinner? I used to order pizza but we ordered pizza this weekend. I think I’m going to try a recipe that Jennifer Faddis sent me on Twitter when I was bemoaning the fact that I was uninspired by the defrosted  chicken breasts in my refrigerator. Let me tell you, my Facebook friends started pulling chicken recipes out of thin air! It was amazing! I had to go buy more chicken today so I can try out more of the recipes! I’ll have to share them with you as I use them.

Jennifer’s recipe calls for 1/2 a bottle of Catalina dressing, a packet of Italian dressing, and a jar of whole berry cranberry poured over chicken breasts that then bake for an hour-ish. Sounds yummy! The only problem with this recipe is that it’s not going to make me any more excited about dressing up and leaving my house. Hopefully there will be leftovers.

So tell me how you treat your babysitters and then go forth and have a great Monday!



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6 responses to “Beyond Technical Difficulties

  1. Well, I don’t have babysitters anymore (wait, sometimes I AM the babysitter!)
    I think this is the same recipe Gretchen was talking about at CPQ’s, so I’d better try it, too!

  2. You know what’s wonderful about having a 13-year-old? Who likes to cook? She babysits AND fixes leftovers for freeeee! 😀

  3. I love reading your questions… it brought back a memory or two. 🙂
    I am no help for my kids are out of the need a babysitter stage. In fact my oldest has become the babysitter for hire. It makes me sad thinking how time flies…

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

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