We’re Taking A Field Trip

Today I’m over at Jeff Noble’s place talking to Freshman Me about Five Things I Didn’t Learn in College, so come with me. It’s worth stopping by if only to see the picture of us that he posted from our OBU days. I don’t remember having an allergic reaction that night that would have made my face swell up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but maybe I did. Of course that wouldn’t explain the hair. Or the bow. Marla Taviano, you should stop by just to see the bow.

For those of you who may not be Facebook friends, yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that my daughter informed me yesterday that she doesn’t think bows “are her style.”  As a Southern Mom who spent her teenaged years in the 80s I was, as you might expect, crestfallen. And nothing hurts more than a fallen crest, let me assure you. But my friend Marla who is not from South told me that she has never really understood the obsession we Southern Girls have with big bows. I’d explain it, but I don’t guess I really have a good answer. It’s just part of our DNA, I suppose.

But back to the picture and in its defense–and it needs its own public defender–it was 50s Night so I was dressed in a costume. Yeah. That explains everything.

Anyway, stop by and say hi.

And while you’re out, you might want to stop by my friend Teresa’s blog. She has a guest blogger there today, too. (Were we supposed to have guest bloggers write our posts today? I never got the memo!) Her Marine friend Mike had a good word that made me think.  UPDATED: I just read this post from my friend-through-a-friend “NotNed” that I want you to read, too.  So get to reading already!

We can meet back here tomorrow and talk about what we learned on our trip around the Web.



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2 responses to “We’re Taking A Field Trip

  1. Oh, sweet mercy. The post? BRILLIANT. The bow? HUMONGOUS. Love you!

  2. whimzie

    Back at you, my sweet Northern friend!

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