Kicking It New School

We got back from our road trip adventure last week and I’m still trying to figure out which end is up because I still feel a little upside down. I joked on Twitter/Facebook last week that I wish I had a stunt double, but I think I’m starting to find my groove again. That said, I’m not sure when I’ll get around to telling my road trip stories, but I did want to get back in the blog swing of things.

Today was the first day of school in a new school for the little Snoodles. I have two second graders and a fifth grader this year. I hopefully have some great pictures in my good camera. Unfortunately my good camera and the one computer we have that still works  are not playing well together. I took some “after the first day of school” pictures on my phone to send the family, so those will have to suffice for today.

 (They aren’t flashing the “peace sign,” they’re reminding you that they are second graders this year. I stole this idea from my college friend Sara.See? I was stealing people’s ideas way before Pinterest made it cool!)

And here’s the fifth grader:

I smudged out the name of the school with my untouchable photo editing skills. How impressed are you by me?

The first day of the school usually gives me a really bad case of the melancholies. Yes, I know it’s easier to take care of appointments and run errands and go to the grocery store when the kids aren’t with me, but I can’t help but miss them all the same when school starts. God has blessed me with the job of mothering these three incredible little people and I really enjoy our extra summer time together. Look at these faces? Can you blame me?

My friends who are a little further along the mom trail than I am gave me some very good advice when my kids started school. They said I should plan something fun for the first day of my school to take my mind off my baby birds who are now one year closer to leaving the nest.  This year, another mom friend of mine and I treated ourselves to Starbucks and a pedicure.

I chose this color because: A. Even though it’s still summer degrees outside, I wanted something that reminded me of fall.  B. It reminds me of Sus‘s go-to color: OPI Root Beer Float. I guess you could say it’s her “signature color.” (Name that movie.)

The kids said they had a good first day and they’ve all agreed to go back tomorrow so I’m going to go ahead and put a mark in the “win” column.

I don’t have a witty segue to the next part of this post because it’s been a long, full day and I’m ready to move on to the “do nothing” portion of my evening, so consider yourself transitioned.

I hate to miss the “coming attractions” trailers at the movies. I even watch them (at least the first time) on DVD movies. I don’t fast forward  the clip of next week’s show when we’re watching our favorite TV programs on the DVR. So it’s only appropriate that I give you a few “coming attractions” for some upcoming Snoodlings posts.

Tomorrow, I’ll actually be posting over on my friend Jeff Noble’s blog. He pastors a church in a college town and is doing a series of guest posts about Five Things You Didn’t Learn in College.  He was gracious enough to ask me to contribute and my post will be up some time tomorrow. I’ll come by here and post the link in case you want to stop by and say hi over there.

I read more and watched less TV this summer and as a result, I have some gently used books that I want to tell you about and then give away if you’re interested. My buckling bookshelves would thank you greatly and those posts will be coming in the not so distant future.

I had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite North Carolina bloggers while I was on my road trip and if I can convince some of them to let me borrow a few of their pictures from our meet and greet, I’ll be posting a little story about how the great big World Wide Web can make family out of complete strangers. I’m not kidding! I’m talking real and true actual family!

I thought I had one more thing to add to the Coming Attractions but for the life of me, I can not think of what it might have been. It’ll be a surprise.

So go get another squirt of butter on your popcorn and meet me back here.

It’s good to be home.



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16 responses to “Kicking It New School

  1. Adorable pictures…..and I have those same shoes on right now….

    Hope you are doing good

  2. Melody

    OMG – your little snoodles just keep getting cuter and cuter!! Hopefully sometime soon we can meet up and catch up! I am homeschooling Caroline this year, so we are somewhat footloose and fancy free (at least until we go to China to get her little sister! :)) And the movie is “Steel Magnolias”

    • whimzie

      I should have known a Trivia Question would bring you out of hiding! But I’m surprised you took the bait without the offer of a prize! 🙂

      I would love to see you and Sweet Caroline! A would eat her with a spoon! And I can’t wait until there’s a sister!!!

  3. I want to meet you and become family!!! And I’ve sold over half of my books to de-clutter/raise money for our trip to Cambodia, yet I still want one of your special gently-used ones. 🙂

    • whimzie

      We’re already family, sweet friend, but I’d love to meet so we could hug and make it official!!

      Our love of books is a sickness, isn’t it? But I guess if we’re going to be addicted to something…..Every time we move, my movers just wish I’d collect something less heavy!!

  4. Your daughter’s bow is lovely. I was expecting it more on the top of her head and roughly six inches high. 😉

  5. Your kids are so cute! And I love your nail polish. No clue what movie, but I see someone else said “Steel Magnolias” and if you can believe this…I’ve never seen it. 😦 Guess I need to go pop some popcorn and rent the movie, huh?

    • whimzie

      Mercy. Would you please promise me to find that movie and watch it post haste? Then we’ll discuss the treasure trove of wonderfulness you have been missing!

  6. Your school kids look fab-tastic! And quite smart. They’ll blow 2nd & 5th grades outta the water.

    I know exactly what u mean about the instant family thing w/bloggy irls. I grieved after my island girls left. God gave me a taste of Heaven, & then made me wait again. I know there’ll be other tastes of Heaven along the way, tho, to keep my eyes up. One I’m really hoping for is the chance to hug your neck, do make up, & together.

    Pedi looks awesome!

  7. I know the movie! I know the movie!! I’m very excited about this because finally, after much nudging from many, many, many people including you, CPQ, LaVidaCoffeegal and others, I FINALLY saw “Steel Magnolias” this year. 😉

  8. I read all the comments to see if anyone else said it, and I notice they didn’t…the tray behind your little girl makes it look like she’s wearing a crown! 🙂 Little princess, bow or no bow.

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