I’m Typing This Post With My Thumb

I’m typing this post with my thumb.

It rained here yesterday and my over-seventy-year-old house’s electrical system is ill-equipped to handle modern day conveniences like the Internet….or electricity. Usually I can MacGyver my way back online but this time I can’t get all the lights to flash on the modem of the one computer I’ve been able to get up to speed since the last storm, which I think means I have to call the cable company. I’d rather go to the dentist.

So I’m typing this post on my phone with my thumb.

I’m watching carefully to make sure the auto predict text function on my phone doesn’t hijack my post like it does my text conversations. Once I was texting a friend that my kids had been overtired that week so I was enforcing “early bed times,” but my phone was convinced I meant “early beatings.” Fortunately my friend did not call Child Protective Services.

So, I’m calling the cable company today. I don’t know what I’ll do while I’m on hold since I won’t have Pinterest to entertain me (this is where I would hyperlink the post I wrote about how I play with Pinterest while I am on hold. If I weren’t typing this post with my thumb.) I guess I’ll catch up on my Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends games.

I also need to pack. The kids and I are taking a two-part road trip over the next few weeks. Phase 1 begins tomorrow.

But before I call the cable company I’m taking the kids to an introductory fencing lesson at the library. Because before you cram three kids in a minivan to drive for miles and miles you should teach them how to cause each other bodily harm. Makes the conflict over who gets to watch the Despicable Me DVD first much more entertaining. On second thought, I’m making a mental note to check the vehicle for all long, pointy objects before we depart.

So that’s what’s happening here. For the Question of the Day, I’ll give you a choice. Or answer both! First, any fun games besides Words, Hanging, and Angry Birds I should play while I’m on hold with the cable company? Second, any funny predictive text story you want to share?

Please Forgive any mistakes in this post. I have fat thumbs.


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14 responses to “I’m Typing This Post With My Thumb

  1. Jen

    I too am a thumb typed. I hate the cable company so much I’ve refused to call and reconnect our Internet after we placed it on hold…

    So I am white and a good friend is black and educated, well traveled and thoughtful. It makes me paranoid that my non traveled, deep south self will slip and say something totally ignorant one day…

    So I text her and ask if she wants to meet me “at Nortons” but my auto correct says “do you want to meet me at the bottoms” that would be slang for an underprivileged African American community!!! Then when she says “Where is that?” I correct that part and am trying to say ” maybe we go another time” and evidently auto correct thought I meant ” maybe Negro another time” she thought it was funny after I explained but oh my word!!!!

    • whimzie

      I downloaded it but I don’t get it. I think my frogs have died. I can’t handle stuff that needs upkeep. My plants are all dead and I can barely remember to feed my kids!

  2. Sami

    What is hanging with friends???? I got really into Textroplis. Or something like that. It gives you a word and you make as many words as you can out of it. And it keeps you from getting Alzheimer’s!! 🙂

    • whimzie

      You must download Hanging! It’s Hangman! And every now and again they offer it for free. Join me on the even darker side.

      I like Textroplis. Thanks for the rec.

  3. oh auto correct, how I love thee. Took a screen shot of a series of texts btwn me and my beloved during a 20 mile training run. It was 90 below zero and I was numb. was texting while running, asking my beloved to make another batch of PW’s cinnamon roll icing (I know, right?). He asks how much sugar, I reply 2 pounds. He asks if I’m OK (thinking 2 pounds is a lot and perhaps I’m hallucinating). I write back, “I’m tired and BOLD.”
    Yes, I guess I was.
    Then he texts me a funny picture of the baby, to which I replied,
    “Haha, Medes that.”

    Yeah, I guess it was funnier if you were there. Yeah.

    For apps–I like camera ones. Been playing around with Instagram a lot lately just trying to take artsy pics. Haven’t tried hangin’ with Friends yet.
    Neal downloaded Songify (free). We’ve had fun with that…http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/songify/id438735719?mt=8
    This ends longest comment evah.

  4. Ha! My favorite auto-correct story was a conversation I had with my Mother-In-Law. She sent me a picture of some cute boots she had just received for a Christmas present. I tried to reply, “OOOOOOHHHHH!” But auto-correct informed her I was “POOPING!”

    That puzzled her sensibilities, but she laughed with(?) me when I tried to explain. 😀

  5. At least I hope she was laughing WITH me!

  6. Linda

    Still laughing about the “early beatings”.

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