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I’ve been trying not to use the word “busy” so much. I noticed that I was leading off almost every conversation with a detailed description of how full my calendar is. But isn’t everyone’s?  I think my busyness was becoming my favorite go-to excuse for why I wasn’t doing something. This post from my friend Kay resonated with me and since I read it, I’ve been more cognizant of how often I’m tempted to wear my busyness like a medal of honor.

That said, this week my family has several opportunities to fill our time. (Is that better?!) Truth be told, this week has the potential to be a little bananas.

In honor of our exciting and somewhat challenging calendar of events, I tried a new dessert on the grill last night. I pinned it to my Looks Good Enough to Eat Pinterest board a couple of weeks ago from the Eighteen25 blog and since we were grilling hamburgers for supper last night, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.

 Doesn’t that look delicious?  Grilled Bananas!!

And they couldn’t be easier.

Slice a ripe banana down the middle. Try not to cut it all the way through. Then fill the banana however you want. We raided my baking pantry and found marshmallows (I found those are good to add first. Space them out and they will help your banana stay open enough to add more treats.), chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and Heath bits. You could also nuts, Nutella, peanut butter or peanut butter chips, marshmallow fluff….the sky is the limit!

Put your bananas on some heavy duty aluminum foil and grill them over medium heat until the  bananas are warm and the toppings get “melty.” I don’t think I left ours on quite long enough but they were still yummy.

It tastes kind of like a banana split without the ice cream. Try it!

I’m still in love with grilling! I’d like to find more desserts we can grill. Do any of you have any grilled dessert recipes we could try?



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