Morning Meetings with Daddy

Almost every morning before I can talk myself into getting out of bed to get the day started, a little boy runs into my room like the house is on fire. Before I can even talk him out of a good-morning-first-hug-of-the-day, he anxiously asks, “Where’s Daddy?”

Many mornings I can tell him his daddy’s still around, getting ready for the day. By the time I get my sleepy bed-head off my pillow and stumble out of bed, Kelly and my youngest son are in the middle of their morning meeting. My son makes himself a nest on the floor with his pillow and blanket outside the bathroom door while his daddy shaves and gets dressed. Some mornings Kelly listens to play-by-plays of the Phineas and Ferb episode we watched the night before. Sometimes my son asks Kelly random questions and I marvel at Kelly’s ability to come up with reasonable responses before he’s even had his first cup of coffee. Occasionally, they’re both quiet as Kelly goes about his routine and they seem to just enjoy being in the same room together.

Kelly has a busy job and he is often away on business. My son has never been much of a morning person, but he’s figured out that if he wakes up early, he can have his daddy all to himself and not have to share him with his brother or sister. Those few minutes together are precious to both of them. My son is heartbroken when he wakes up and his daddy is already gone and he’s missed their time together.

It’s usually hard for me to make a complete thought before I get out of bed, but this morning, as clear as the sky on this beautiful summer day, I wondered, “How would my life be different if I were as eager to get up first thing each day to spend time with my Father?”

Honestly, most days I treat my time with God like just another chore I need to fit on my To Do list. What if I ran to Him each morning, excited to spend a few minutes with Him all to myself? How often am I upset when I miss our morning meetings?

I feel blessed to have a husband who is jealous of his time with his children and makes them a priority in his life. I am thankful my children want to spend every minute they can with their daddy. And this morning I am humbled by a Father who calls me to Him through a lesson taught by  my seven-year-old little boy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Someone is expecting me.

In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; 
   in the morning I lay my requests before you 
   and wait expectantly. 

Psalm 5:3



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7 responses to “Morning Meetings with Daddy

  1. Jen

    So convictingly true!!! I’m way more excited about the buzz I get from my coffee cup each morning and far more faithful to it 😦

  2. Oh, that’s good. And just when I needed to hear it-
    Isn’t it amazing what we learn from our children?

  3. Betty Boop

    Don’t you just love the lessons we can learn from children? They are so honest and transparent. Thank you for sharing this with us, I needed it also!

  4. Kay

    Talk about perspective. That did it for me. Thanks for sharing your lesson with us all. And now Someone is expecting me, too. I wish I’d hurried to Him earlier, but I’m skipping off now to make that date!

  5. Oh I love this so much – and thank you for sharing! (ps I loved picturing your sweet boy with his daddy – I cant wait to see my own sweet boy when he gets here and how special his relationship with his daddy will be) 🙂

  6. I love the picture you painted of your son outside the bathroom. So precious!

  7. carpoolqueen

    Love his heart.

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