Teaching Gratitude: A Great Answer

On Friday I shared with you my desire to teach my children to have an attitude of gratitude. Yesterday I read a blog post that included some great, practical ways to do just that. Since several of you shared your desire to impress upon your children an appreciation of what their blessings, I thought I’d pass on the link to you.

The post is my friend Marla’s interview with musician and Compassion advocate Shaun Groves. Shaun is releasing an album next month and he gave his blog readers an opportunity to ask him any three questions if they would promote his new album on their blog. Marla’s first question was actually asking Shaun how he instills a heart for justice and missions in his children, but I thought his answer fit perfectly with what we were talking about Friday.

You can read the post here.

I loved his ideas. I especially loved that he is teaching his children to serve others locally and internationally. And the ideas he shared could be adapted to children of almost any age. Now I just need to put feet on my thoughts and ideas. Right now. This very week.

Part two of  Marla’s interview with Shaun is up today if you want to read more. God is doing some exciting things at the Groves’ house this week!



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4 responses to “Teaching Gratitude: A Great Answer

  1. I love that you’re blogging again, girl. And I’m so with you–lots of motivation in my head and heart, just lacking the oomph to get up and make them a reality. Love you!

    • whimzie

      Well, you’ve been raising money for a family trip to Cambodia, for Pete’s sake, so I’d say you aren’t completely lacking in oomph!

      Love you, too. Loved your interview with Shaun.

  2. Amy

    Love reading about teaching gratitude and also the Groves story! I need to stop telling my children that there are starving children in Gua-. . .(uh, awkward pause), and start involving them in a variety of service activities. I’m eager to follow the Groves as they continue in their adoption journey, too!

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