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Mondegreens Revisited

My computer won’t come on.

I turn it on and all I see is a white screen, then the apple, then the spinning “I’m working on it” circle for what seems like forever, then blackness. Because it turns itself off. Like it’s just too tired from the effort of trying to do anything so it decides to take a nap instead. (I feel kind of the same way myself.)

I’m getting nervous because all our pictures are on there.

And all my music.

And a lot of my words.

Nope. No backup. Don’t lecture me. I know how stupid that is. Honest, I was going to sign up on that carbonite.com site. It’s on my list.

Kelly had his laptop yesterday so I tried to use the one we let the kids have to play games. It’s Kelly’s old PC laptop. I  tried to do some troubleshooting on the Apple website but the kids’ computer no longer has an F or N key, so you have to press really hard in the blank area where those used to be if you need to type those letters. Which apparently I do fairly often. The next thing I’m supposed to try according to the website involves me looking for the disc that came with the computer when we bought it four years and two moves moves ago. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I need a good laugh so I thought we could update one of my all-time favorite posts.  Remember the one about mondegreens and chronic lyricosis?  The one with the Joe Cocker video? I was going to copy and paste it here, but honestly, the funniest lines are in the comments below the post. So click over and read  it now.

You done?

Well, I have a couple of new ones to add.

In his song “Dynamite,” Taio Cruz sings, “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying,  ‘AYO! Gotta let go!” I thought he was saying, “Ayo, Galileo.”

Also, apparently in the Black Eyed Peas song “I Just Can’t Get Enough,”  Fergie  is addicted and wants to “jump inside” your love. She does not want to “germicide” or “German-cide”  your love. No sanitizer, Lysol, lederhosen,  or strudel needed after all.

Okay. It’s your turn. Have any new mondegreens to add to our collection? Come on! Don’t leave us hanging!



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