My Call is Important to Them and Will Be Answered in the Order It Was Received

I feel like my list of appointments that need to be made and phone calls that need to be returned is never empty. Periodically, Sus and I will challenge each other to attack our “Make The Call” lists on the same day. Sometimes it’s easier knowing someone else is suffering simultaneously. It’s not that making phone calls is necessarily difficult. I mean, it’s not like I have a rotary dial phone. (Remember those? I hated dialing numbers with 8’s and 9’s.) It’s just that I end up spending a lot of my phone call time on hold. Listening to the same eight measures of a song that’s not really a song over and over and over.

But being on hold can actually be fun because it gives me an excuse to do some guilt-free web surfing.


My computer desktop is a mess. Before Pinterest, every time I saw a recipe I wanted to try or a cute craft idea I wanted to study later, I’d drag it to my desktop so I wouldn’t lose it. Every time I saw a post in my Google Reader that had something I wanted to find again, I’d star it. But finding anything after I’d seen it the first time was almost impossible.

Enter Pinterest. I first heard about this neat new website from Emily. Pinterest is like an online bulletin board. Actually, it’s like having online bulletin boards with your favorites neatly divided into categories. One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is to “follow” other people’s boards and repin their cute ideas onto my boards. You can have boards for whatever you want to collect: cute hairstyles, recipes, craft ideas, home ideas, funny quotes. And you can name the boards whatever you want.

Today when I needed to make out my grocery list, I went to my “Looks Good Enough to Eat” board and wrote down what I would need to make a half dozen of the recipes I’ve been collecting. I used craft ideas from my “Make it So” board as my end-of-the-school-year teachers’ gifts.

Sorry for the quality or lack thereof of these cell phone pictures.

Now I actually look forward to being asked to hold for just a moment so that I can engage in my latest obsession with little to no guilt. In fact, I think I may make tackle my To Call list tomorrow!

What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re waiting?



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6 responses to “My Call is Important to Them and Will Be Answered in the Order It Was Received

  1. Gretchen

    This must be what all the popular kids are doing, now. I’ve heard from several folks that Pinterest is fun. I’ve since gotten the app, but (hangs head) can’t figure out how to do it.

  2. LOVE the teacher gifts!! Those are very cute. I must admit that this year I succumbed to the too-easy and rather anonymous contribution to the class mom for a joint gift card. Maybe next year I’ll get my act in gear.

    What do I do while on hold? I complain and grumble and keep track of how long I’m on hold so that I can use it as ammunition against whatever cretin eventually answers the phone. I am a terrible person, I know.

    In other news, my latest phone irritation is from Kohl’s. They repeatedly have a robot or computer or whatever call me, ask for my name and last four digits of my social or charge card, then tell me to call them back at a different 1-800 number. It sounds totally fishy, like a scam, but it REALLY IS Kohl’s! I’ve personally talked to them about it. So annoying.

  3. carpoolqueen

    I had to call the school Transportation Department today. I almost had to call you first to gin up the mojo to do it.

  4. Everywhere I go, I read about Pinterest. I don’t have time to search for and fall in love with ideas that I know I’ll never use and then feel badly that I’m not using them.

    When you talked about how you had actually used the ideas, I gave you a standing ovation. My husband already thinks I’m strange, so he just wrinkled his brow at me and continued about his business! 🙂

  5. You are the most recent in a long line of friends singing the praises of Pinterest. I. have. to. try it. 🙂

    I have several of those calls to make and I am NOT looking forward to it, but now I have a good excuse to surf. thanks!

    • whimzie

      Do it!! I dare you! I’ve heard it’s taking a little while to get an invite if you ask for one from Pinterest but it’s instant if you get one from a friend who’s already on, so if you need one let me know.

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