Feel Good Friday

I was working on a thinky post that I just can’t seem to publish. I’m going to let it marinate for awhile and see how I feel about it next week.

Instead, I decided to welcome the weekend with two videos that make me smile.

My cousin-friend Heather shared the first one with me:

The chorus is my favorite part. Especially when he’s “moving his hips like yeah.”

And the other one? Well, I just love the way he’s loving life at the bus stop.

Just makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? I’m grilling steaks and making homemade ice cream this weekend! We’re celebrating Father’s Day a weekend late because the father we celebrate around here had to go out of town last weekend.

I’m excited about the steak grilling because I’ve never grilled steaks before. We got a new grill for Memorial Day and I’ve been working on my grilling. I can’t decide if I should use a rub that someone gave us once upon a time or if I should try a marinade. According to Google, ribeye is a good cut for grilling so that’s what I’m planning to buy. Any of you have any steak grilling tips to share with me?

I’m excited about the ice cream because, well, it’s homemade ice cream. I’m using our tried and true family recipe, I just have to decide if I want to go vanilla or add a flavor. What’s your favorite homemade ice cream flavor?

I hope whatever you’re doing this weekend gives you ample opportunity to laugh and be with people you love.

Happy Weekend!



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14 responses to “Feel Good Friday

  1. Gretchen

    Feelin’ groovy after those! Normally, i prefer chocolate or mint chocolate chip ice cream, but homemade summer ice cream needs to be vanilla or peach. Just sayin’. Weird to say I miss ya? I do.

    • whimzie

      Not weird at all. I feel the same.

      Our first batch of the summer was peach. I thought about going old school vanilla and letting everybody add their own toppings. I’ll save you a bowl. 😉

  2. I love banana ice cream…..use the same recipe everytime….
    Glad you are blogging more….Think of you often

    • whimzie

      Thanks, friend. I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting more often. I kind of fell out of my groove for awhile!

      You may need to share your banana ice cream recipe with me in case I ever need a backup plan!

  3. Both of these videos just made my day. THANKS for sharing!! And the guy at the bus stop, I wish I were that brave. It looks like he might be watching himself in the window reflections across the tracks. Too funny.

    As for grilling … I LOVE grilling! For my steaks I skip the rub and the marinade (unless it’s skirt steak) and just top it with salt and pepper. If you get a good marbleized cut (with lots of fatty threads), you don’t need anything else. The meat will do what it does best and knock your socks off. If you get a skirt steak, though, which can be amazing and tender, I soak it in Balsamic Vinaigrette over night then grill the next day. Keep it rare to medium rare for the best taste.

    Since you sound new to grilling, let me recommend a great cookbook for it: Weber’s Way to Grill. It has fabulous pictures, step-by-step instructions, and even covers sides and desserts. Everything I’ve tried in there has been amazing. Once you get your bearings, I also recommend More Grilled to Perfection. It’s a bit more advanced than the first book, but well worth the extra effort. His stuffed chicken breast recipe is to. die. for.

  4. Love this post! And it is feel good! I can’t watch the Party in the USA video without smiling. That version, that is. Not the MC version. When I watch that one, I just say, “Sheesh…put some pants on, will ya?”
    Ice cream. Ahh. I remember my favorite part of summer as a kid was the ice cream social that our church hosted. Everyone was invited to bring a churn (yes, with rock salt and ice…not that fancy Cuisinart kind) of their favorite dessert. I loved peach, strawberry and banana. Oh sweet delight!

    • whimzie

      I know what you mean. My kids came running to my computer when I was watching the video because they could not BELIEVE their mom was playing MC! I’m not a big fan.

      We just bought a new churn. The one we were given as a wedding present ended up dry rotting after one of our many moves. I was surprised at how hard it was to find a good old fashioned churn last summer! I resisted buying the Cuisinart one because I needed the old school kind.

  5. Amy

    Peach. I only like peach ice cream when it’s homemade, when the big chunks of peach are so cold and crunchy. You didn’t ask, but my favorite non-homemade is coffee.

    The only grilling I do is with the grill pan on the cooktop.

  6. Every time the subject of homemade ice cream comes up I have to laugh at an old memory. My dad loves to experiment with his homemade ice cream recipe, and one time he added just a touch too much peppermint. The mint flavor was so strong that it felt like we were choking down toothpaste.

    I recommend sticking with good old vanilla. 😛

  7. I say a “touch” too much, but it was more like an entire bottle too much! Ha!

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