The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky: An Interview With Marla Taviano, Christian Author and Speaker

My friend Marla had a baby last night.

Okay. So she didn’t actually give birth to a flesh-and-blood child, but she did release a bouncing, new e-book. I’ve never written a book, but I know when you pour out pieces of your very heart and soul and mind into a project it feels a little like you’ve given birth. Well, Marla’s new addition is called  The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky: Six Simple Steps to Great Sex With Your Wife. 

And now that I have your undivided attention…

Marla graciously allowed me to ask her a few questions about her book and I’ll post our conversation just as it happened:

WHIMZIE: So, Marla…is it okay if I call you Marla, or do you prefer Mrs. Taviano, e-book author?

MARLA: Please call me Marla Taviano, Christian Author and Speaker (the stupid tagline that comes up on my blog posts when they go to Facebook). Really, I’m not as pretentious as all that. Call me whatev, girl.

WHIMZIE: First of all, do you remember just exactly how we became friends in the first place. I wanted to give the readers an idea of how I came to know you, but I honestly can’t remember whose blog connected us. JewelsInMyCrown Gretchen, maybe? Quick, want to play a quick game of Kevin Bacon to figure out how we’re connected?
MARLA: Oh, goodness. Why am I drawing a complete blank here?? I actually think I found Gretchen through you. But how in the world did I find you?? I think maybe it’s just your magnetism that drew me to you from across the internet. Or maybe I saw the name “Whimzie” somewhere and thought, “If that’s not the coolest name EVER, then I’m not Marla Taviano, Christian Author and Speaker.” I’ll do some sleuthing and get back to you.
WHIMZIE:  So, for my friends who may not have met you yet, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you become an author? Is this something you’ve always wanted to be when you grew up?
MARLA: I’m a wife (to Gabe, world’s best web designer and now e-book formatter), a mama to 3 girlies (Olivia–10, Ava–9 on Monday, Nina–5), lover of words and books and globes and missions and Scrabble letters (but not so much the actual game) and the color turquoise.Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I got sidetracked for a bit as a nursing major in college who switched to elementary education and taught school for three years before I quit to be a mom. But I’ve been writing since I was four, and it’s really my passion.
WHIMZIE:  You’ve written books about marriage and sex in the past, but those books seemed to be more like a conversation you’d have with your best girlfriends over coffee/ sweet tea/chai/Dr.Pepper/Coke. What in the world made you decide to tackle a book about sex for, gulp, men?  How did you have to adjust your writing style for a more male audience…or did you?  
MARLA: Chai latte please! Yum!! You know what? I said I’d never write a book for guys. Not because I was scared, but because most guys I know don’t read books. And then I got a bunch of e-mails from guys who’d read my book for wives on sex (Whimzie interrupts to say, “The book she’s referring to is Is That All He Thinks About) (despite clear instructions at the beginning of the book NOT to), asking, “When are you going to write one for us??” So I did.I really didn’t have to adjust my writing style at all. I’m not a very girly writer anyway. So I just tacked a “dude” on the end of a few sentences and called it a day.WHIMZIE: Why an E-book instead of a “real” book?
MARLA: Several reasons. One, this is a book for men (husbands) and it’s about s-e-x. I think the topic will encourage them to read it, but not necessarily encourage them to purchase it while other people are watching (other bookstore browsers, cashiers, their moms, etc.).
WHIMZIE: Good point.  So if the guys who read this book only take away one big idea, what do you hope they will learn/change/realize?
MARLA: There is hope. If you and your wife aren’t on the same page as far as sex goes, if you’ve been hurt by her rejection, if you desperately want her to want you like you want her, there’s hope. Lots of HOPE.
WHIMZIE: I know that you are using the proceeds from the sale of this book to fund your family’s upcoming trip to Cambodia. Some of the people reading this interview might not get why your family has such a burning passion for that country. Can you tell them in just a few sentences what Cambodia means to you?
MARLA:  How many is a few? 50? Gabe and I went to Cambodia last July and got to love on 22 beautiful orphans and visit some ministries that are involved in rescuing kiddos from sex trafficking. I sat on the floor of what used to be a child brothel and bawled my eyes out, thinking about these beautiful children being used every night for sex. I have three young daughters. I just tried to imagine how I’d feel if it were them. It was almost unbearable. I’ll do anything I can to help these children.We’re saving/earning money to go back as a family over Christmas break. We didn’t want to ask for money, because we wanted the girls to know what it means to sacrifice and work really, really hard for something. We’re up to $6000 (on our way to $12000) and hoping and praying the proceeds from the e-book get us the rest of the way there. Because, goodness, I’m tired of making and selling Scrabble magnets and washer necklaces.
WHIMZIE: So let us help. How can we get a copy of this e-book and….for the women in the audience, any suggestions for ways to get a copy to the men in our lives without seeming like we’re getting all up in their business?
MARLA: Go to and you can click to buy it there for $4.99. You know, I don’t think it’ll take much convincing to get your husband to look at a book called The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky. What guy doesn’t want to get lucky??
WHIMZIE:  You’ve got me there. So what’s next for Marla Taviano, e-book author?
MARLA: First, I’m hoping to catch up on some sleep. Gabe and I have been up until 2am quite a few nights in a row trying to get this thing churned out. Whew.Then I’ve got big plans for another e-book–about our family’s trip to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks.
WHIMZIE:  Anything I’ve forgotten that you want to add?
MARLA:  Thanks so much for having me on the blog, Whimzie! I love you, girl!
WHIMZIE: I love you, too friend!!
Not only was Marla sweet enough to take time in her sleep-deprived state to stop by for an interview, she has also generously allowed me to give one of a you a free copy of her hot off the….what do you call books on the Internet?….hot off the Web e-b00k. Here’s how to win:
1. Leave a comment. Any comment.
3. Write a Facebook post or status update linking to
4. Tweet a link to using the hashtag #husbandsgetlucky.
You can get one entry per activity. For Pete’s sake, people, even if you don’t think you or your spouse need any help in this area, for less than you probably spent on your fast food lunch, you can help the Tavianos make a difference in the lives of people in another country. This book that encourages healthy sexual relationships the way  God intended can help girls who have been hurt by sex as it has been perverted by Satan. Of course, before you feel all smug about how “lucky” your spouse is feeling, you might want to check your answer with him/her to make sure you’re on the same page. Just a thought.
I’ll accept comments through the weekend and announce the winner some time on Monday, June 19, Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.
I was going to say “Good Luck,” but if we read both of Marla’s books, I guess we’ll all be getting lucky. Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.


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9 responses to “The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky: An Interview With Marla Taviano, Christian Author and Speaker

  1. Wow! I saw my name in print! Oh…it’s not about me. Love Marla’s style and so appreciate the e-book format for those who might be reluctant to shop for a book like this at the store. Guess what my DH (whose initials are actually DH, BTW) got right after Easter? Okay, I’ll tell you. A Nook. For travel. It was a good excuse for me to use up all my gift cards and just be sweet for once. This could be another opportunity. 🙂

    Lurve to ya both, Ms. Walters…er…Snoodle and Ms. E-book Author.

  2. Mrs. Taviano,

    Judging from one of the the pictures on your site, I can tell that both you and your husband are people of great intellect and integrity.

    Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi!

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  4. carpoolqueen

    I’d love to see the spam you’re getting after writing about getting lucky. *snicker*

  5. Sharon

    First time to your blog and laughed quite a few times while I read the interview w/Marla. Can’t wait to read more of your posts. Oh, and Marla’s book too, of course!

  6. Stefanie

    sounds great! pick me:)

    • whimzie

      Random Number Generator just did! I’ve been having computer issues all the live long day, but I’ll email you in the morning, okay?

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