What We Did On Our Pre-Summer Vacation

My Google Reader has a ridiculous number of unread posts, my email inbox is full to overflowing, and my To Do lists are embedded with other To Do lists.

But we’re living life around here.

Yes, I know that the pictures are ridiculously big, but I didn’t come to this knowledge until after I’d uploaded all eleventy hundred of them. I just don’t have the physical or emotional stamina (or knowledge of why they are so ridiculously big in the first place or how to fix them) to do anything about it.

We had fun at Field Day….

We took in an Astros game:

We realized some of us are as white as our socks as we acted lazy around the pool….

We contemplated space…..

…as we landed the space shuttle….

…and even touched the moon…..

We took time to stop and smell the roses….

We went back in time and had a little lunch while we were there….

We visited the home of the best ice cream in the world (that you can buy in a store, anyway) and had a bite or twenty while we were there…..

We ate (but didn’t sleep) with the fishes….

….and decided not to ever inject our lips with anything to make them look bigger….

We beat each other up….on the Wii….

We’re having a good time, even if we aren’t getting all the things on our To Do lists accomplished.

What have you been doing?



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12 responses to “What We Did On Our Pre-Summer Vacation

  1. Teresa

    Heading to sail with the Mouse…..but getting ready to go is hard work…..I love the to do list embedded in other to do lists…exactly my thoughts today

  2. Great pics! You make me grin.

  3. Gretchen

    I didn’t know that you were going to TX until i saw your tweet. Not that I should know. I’m not a stalker or anything. Prolly should just start over.

    Dear Whimzie. I hope you’re having fun. Lurved your pictures. The pool & the Blue Bell are calling my name.

  4. Oh what fun! I’ve always wanted to try Blue Bell ice cream. Maybe I should add it to my 2nd annual Summer of the Frozen Treat Tour (SotFTT)?

  5. Love that in the Blue Bell picture, it looks like one of the Snoodles is reaching for an udder….

  6. My, you have been busy! You know, traveling to space and all. Your little girl just gets more and more beautiful!!!

  7. Jennifer

    We’re headed to that same area tomorrow too (from the ‘Port!)! Will be hitting up the zoo, downtown aquarium, children’s museum, etc etc. Husband travels down there every week so now that school’s out we’re going with him for a week! Love your pics…wish we were old enough to “go to space” too – maybe a couple of years from now! My 5 1/2 year old would like it but my 2 year old would probably get bored pretty quick. Glad to see you guys had fun!

  8. You totally had me at Blue Bell. . . so.very.cool. LOVE all the pictures. Your children are precious!

  9. Forgot to tell you, i lurve the toe ring. I am a wearer of a toe ring on occasion, too.

  10. Love all these great pictures! Your kids are so cute, & it looks like you all were having a great time.
    (I wear a toe ring sometimes in the summer too…)

  11. Oh gosh. You HAD to post the Blue Bell pics didn’t you? (grin)

    I’m glad you got to get away for some fun…before the BIG move.

  12. Your pictures are beautiful!
    So glad you had a wonderful time.

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