Asked and Answered

A few of you asked me questions related to the last few posts.

No, I did not have a cupcake. It’s amazing how much makeup you can squeeze from a tube when you are A, cheap and B, trying not to eat a cupcake.

Yes, I found my chocolate stash. Although judging from the feeding frenzy that ensued upon its discovery, it would probably have been safer for all involved, including the top button on my jeans, if it had stayed hidden.

Yes, I did say that we’re moving….again. Some families go to Disney World for summer vacation, mine moves. This time we’re moving within a day’s driving distance from my mom which is nice. Usually we move far enough away that the people don’t talk like we do. We’ll still be living in the  Land of Y’all and Bless Your Heart.  We are now officially in the “less than a month away” zone of the moving process. This is the zone where I make long, detailed lists…and then forget where I put them. But I am making progress in the quest to get rid of some of our stuff. I’ve found some good decluttering advice on several blogs, like one called Organizing Your Way.  Cleaning out is a process, for sure.

But at least I found my chocolate.


I have a couple of book reviews that I need to post for you in the next few days. I’ve thought about creating a separate reviews blog. I’ve also thought about moving all my MGO (the posts I write about how I feel about my dad living in Heaven and not here) posts to a separate blog. I have a lot more to say about where I am in that process than I’ve written lately. I know some of you relate to that journey and others of you would probably  prefer to hear less about it.  On the other hand, I can’t even get to the bottom of my email pile so the idea of starting two new blogs is probably not evidence of my firm grip on reality at this point in my life. We’ll see.

In other news, my sweet friend Candace welcomed a new member into her family. Welcome to the world, Asher Adam Chaney! You are such a blessed baby boy and loved so very much! You need to click on that link if only to see one  of the most precious big sister pictures I’ve ever seen! Congratulations, Chaney Family!!



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16 responses to “Asked and Answered

  1. Deena

    I love you blog just the way it is – family, mgo, book reviews etc – all in one place.

    I also hope your one day away happens to be in my direction – can’t wait to hear where the next stop on the journey will be.

    Blessings sweet friend!

  2. So does that mean you’re moving even closer to me? But, I have to tell you, that if you aren’t, I’m taking a roadtrip your way before you enter Zone 2. Because it is a shame that we live so darn close and haven’t squeezed necks yet.

  3. Ditto what Deena said. 🙂

  4. I vote for keeping it all on one blog, but you do whatever works for you. As one frequent mover to another, I’m GLAD you found your chocolate!

  5. Kay

    You make me feel good. 🙂

    Now that I typed that, I’m hoping it doesn’t sound nasty or anything. I refuse to delete it because it’s truly how I feel. Just don’t take it the wrong way! Quite simply, you put a smile on my face!

  6. Thanks for the shout out, my friend! I can’t believe that you’re moving already. Sad. I know that our neck of the woods won’t be the same without you, but it’s good to know that you’ll be staying all Southern. 🙂

    Much love and blessings to you!

  7. YES! You and Amb MUST hook up!!!

    Ugh. I’ll begin praying y’all through the move now…will it make you closer to ME?????!!!!!!!

    THAT would just be the bees knees, SnoodleBelle!

  8. You should write a book about cupcake willpower.

    If you write it here or the new possible there, I want to read it. I’m not dealing with a Dad living in Heaven, but I am dealing with my own things and sometimes, even though the issues are as far apart as ever we can still learn from eachother.

  9. Amy Clutter

    Don’t change a THING about your blog.

    And do send me any airforce moving tips if you find a free second, my ‘way too experienced at airforce moves’ friend……………………..

  10. I’m all about hodge-podge at the blog. If you must, you can do the book reviews on another site, but please leave MGO here. And don’t be afraid to post about it. Those are some of my favorites. Love you!

  11. I just linked to this from another blog, and it gave me a fright. 🙂

  12. Girl, I do not envy your moving yet again, but I think you are smart to have a chocolate stash.

    If you loose it again, please call me and I will send reinforcements.


  13. carpoolqueen

    Are you back yet? That’s all I’m asking.

  14. Glad you’re gonna be closer to your mama, but I’ll admit I was hoping y’all were being transferred my way. Happy packing!

  15. Most importantly… WHERE was the chocolate???

  16. Betty Boop

    Hope ya’ll are settling in sunny Florida!!! Whew!
    Is it as hot there as it is here?????
    Thank you, thank you for the book! I must have missed something ’cause I didn’t know I had won….was so excited when your Mom told me.
    I am reading it now… daughter said I needed to……ummmm, ya think she thinks I’m going to learn something???? Thanks so much!!!

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