I have too much stuff.

I think a more accurate way to state the above sentence would be to say that too much stuff has me.

We move a lot so I have far more opportunities than I’d like to see all of my earthly possessions packed, boxed, and carted out in front of me. Then I have to unpack and find new homes for everything.

I spend way more of my time than I would like dealing with the clutter that comes from having way too much stuff.

Lately I’ve thought a lot about the excess that I have that could actually be blessing others who need my stuff more than I do.

Since we have another move in just a few weeks, I’m smack dab in the middle of looking at all this stuff we own and trying to decide what I really need to keep. I probably need much less than is actually leaving this house in boxes, and garbage bags, and brown paper grocery sacks. This article has helped me to let go of several items that I don’t need to keep anymore, but I still look around and see a lot of stuff.

Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. I’m sick of it.

How about you? Do you have a hard time getting rid of things or is it easy for you to live an uncluttered life? What’s your best “uncluttering” tip? Also, do you have any ideas that would help me teach my kids to let go of some of their stuff?



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20 responses to “Stuff

  1. I feel like this often and it seems like no matter how much I get rid of it – I get more stuff.

    It reminds me of Isaiah 3: 14 when God tells us that “the spoil of the poor is in our houses.”

  2. carpoolqueen

    I remember a phrase someone told me, “God gave you two hands…one with which to receive and one with which to give.”

    I recite that when I feel like I’m holding on too tightly to stuff.

    Also, every once in a while I do a mental inventory of what I’d save if the house burned down. That’s a pretty short list and helps me get rid of the other stuff.

  3. I was just about to post something like this. Lame, now I’m just going to look like a copy-cat 🙂 haha but seriously, as Adam and I get ready to move to the city (yay!) we’re all about simplifying — easier said than done though!

  4. You are speaking my language… oh how I need to give away more.

    Happy Monday!

  5. I’m the opposite of a packrat. My motto is if I haven’t used it or worn it in 1 year, then I need to get rid of it. Sometimes that comes back to bite me, but overall, it keeps the “stuff” at bay. I am sentimental, though, so the special stuff stays (no worries, mom)

  6. Girl, I am emotionally attached to a napkin one of the kids writes on or a church bulletin!! Too.much.stuff.

    I just recently had a yard sale and could still get rid of STUFF!!!

    That feeling overwhelms me at times….hope to use my oh so open summer for all sorts of cleaning, crafting, etc…so, hopefully, that will help me PURGE!

  7. I hate clutter and I LOVE to get rid of it, but I never seem to have enough time. Somehow it comes in at a much faster rate than I can purge. (You should see my desk.) This summer we WILL be de-cluttering our home ONCE AND FOR ALL. (I’m hoping that all the CAPS will make this statement true.)

  8. Oh my word. I just read Tiff’s last paragraph. SHE READ MY MIND!!!!

  9. Teresa

    I am not a packrat but I have FAR too much stuff….partly because I go to market too often, partly because I have a shop at my house, but I am determined to rid myself of so much stuff this summer…..

  10. You’re moving again???

  11. Rebecca

    We’ve moved quite a few times and I always use that as a time to downsize. Craigslist is my friend…usually it pays for the move but this last time I got rid of so much my husband asked if I was selling the children next. The odd thing is that I’m a bit of a pack rat the rest of the time…

  12. Jen

    I am asking myself why I need to save every math worksheet that Griffin brings home. Seriously.

    Decluttering tips? I have none. I think I am a candidate for the show “Hoarders”. Ok, maybe not that bad, but watch a few episodes and you’ll get a real itch to start paring down. 🙂

  13. Believe it or not, I’d love to get rid of more but my husband is the one who wants to keep everything! I do struggle in certain areas, mainly clothes, accessories and makeup. I keep old things until I find a replacement. HA HA But I’m working on it. Everything else, I try to go through once in awhile – just the hubby sometimes wants to keep it.

  14. Amy

    I’m a total packrat and have trouble parting with stuff. I have the “I might need it one day” thoughts when I try to cull.

    My son cried today when he told me that he didn’t want to go to heaven because he couldn’t take his trucks with him.

  15. Ha! We’ve been living for the past nine months with 98% of our stuff in a storage unit that we’re not allowed to get to. When we finally move into a house, I think about 90% of what’s in that unit will be garage-saled since we haven’t needed it for this long!

  16. Betty Boop

    Even though I don’t like clutter, find that my closets and drawers are full of stuff. Makes sense to me if I want my house clutter free, just stuff it in a drawer or closet!!! If I haven’t put my hands on something in a year, then I must not need it so why keep it?????? (Just trying to convince myself…)

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  18. You know…as I sit in my quilt/scrap/office-land, I hear you loud and clear. My husband, though a creature of infinite patience, will occasionally talk about “____ mountain”. Rhymes with “hit”. And it’s at those times when I’m externally motivated to declutter. But internally motivated…that’s a hard one. I’m kind of a Tiffani at heart. And yet, that one hand for receiving and one hand for giving and the Isaiah 3:14 verse make me ponder.

    You know what? As I’m mulling this, I think I have too much body clutter, too. It’s easy for me to say “I’m too fat”, and then get down and out and full of shame. What I would like to do is shift this thinking to: I have too much. If I were a better steward of everything, including my body, I would be a better servant.

    Thank you, dear one, for making my thinker think.

  19. I think it was Corrie ten Boom who said she has learned to hold everything loosely because it hurts to have God pry open her closed fists.

    The thing I struggle with most is my books. I have a terrible, terrible time letting go of books. I’m not a sentimental person otherwise. I’m sure I have far too many kitchen gadgets, but …

    We sort and purge just about every six months, and we involve the kids in the process. They help us go through all their clothes and toys and they help us choose who will receive them as hand-me-downs. Sometimes they go to people we know and sometimes they don’t. The kids have toy boxes that never change in size. Our rule is that they can keep whatever they want, as long as they can fit it all in the boxes. Anything that doesn’t have a home (storage place), doesn’t belong in our house.

  20. Sami

    I always get rid of tons of stuff when I move. In fact, this time, the movers took a lot with them just so we wouldn’t have to move it. But there always still seems to be an abundance. I blame…1. My mother-who can look at any random thing in any random store or country and apply it personally. I thought I had a lot of stuff from her when it was just me…and now there are 2 of us…and I don’t really need to have seal-skin thimbles no matter how protective they are 🙂 2. My husband-who has to keep every package, handout, magazine or catalog…you know, for reference. 3. My need to craft and preserve memories. I have started taking stuff to Half Price Books and donating clothes. I’m about to clear my closet. I hope. 🙂

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