Beauty and the Buttercups

I am almost out of makeup.

The makeup I use comes from a store in town that is conveniently located in a cute little shopping village.

The store in the cute little shopping village is conveniently located by a gourmet cupcake shop.

Because I want to be healthy, I am trying to make wise food choices.

This probably does not fit into the category of “wise food choices:”

A strong, wise girl would be able to go into the makeup store, make her purchase and leave without buying a cupcake.

I’m not sure that I am a strong, wise girl this week.

Did I mention that the gourmet cupcake shop has cakeballs?

I may be sporting the natural look for a few days…..Either that or an icing lipstick. It’s just too soon to tell.

(P.S. Local friends, you’ve been to Buttercups, right? If you see me in there in the next couple of days, could you pretend like you didn’t?)



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17 responses to “Beauty and the Buttercups

  1. Gretchen

    I’m here to tell you that frost(ing) is IN! Wish I were shopping w/u.

  2. Um, drool…

    I would never be able to resist. I’d have to order my makeup online!

  3. Rebecca

    Oh man, now I want a cake ball…

  4. I have a friend who, when freshly married and out buying supplies on a slim budget with her new husband, decided makeup was a luxury they might have to do without. To which said friend’s new husband replied, “Honey, makeup is a necessity. Like toilet paper.”
    Go have a cupcake.

  5. No way would I be able to resist. Impossible.

  6. carpoolqueen

    Why did we not go there when I was visiting? Calories don’t count when we’re together.

  7. I’m not a strong, wise girl anytime when it comes to cupcakes! (or ice cream, honestly)

  8. Oh Yum. Double Yum.
    I say we have a sisterhood of the traveling cupcakes. You come here and we’ll go to the Cupcake Shoppe and I’ll come there and we’ll go to buttercups!

    Sounds like a fine plan to me!

  9. those are like the most beautiful looking cupcakes I have ever seen!
    I suggest you eat a really large lunch and then go. go quick though!
    Good luck!

  10. I would pay 20.00 for one right now…Cupcakes are my weakness along with a gillion other things.

  11. Jen

    Holy buttercream, Batman!! I’d give my right arm for one of those cakeballs right now. But, alas, I can’t, since I’m supposed to be on a diet.

    Crap. I hate being fat.

  12. Amy

    Surely, you don’t need to restock your makeup too often, so I say, “Eat the cupcake!” and make a sweet, girly-treat outing of it!

  13. tanya

    I will meet you there! Just give me the time!!

  14. Kay

    Personally, I think pink frosting makes a great lipstick…thus you take care of two birds with one stone.

  15. Sami

    What is up with the cake balls? I swear I had never heard of one and now EVERYONE is talking about them. I NEED one. Yes, NEED. I’m hauling myself back to the SBC!

  16. I’ve been such a bad blog reader and commenter lately…:(

    But, boy, do these pics take me back….to this past weekend. Billy and I visited Cupcake Jones in our big city and I have to say I’m a little irritated we don’t live next door, they have different flavors every day of the week and if the Red Velvet and Peanut Butter and Jelly were any indication….

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