Speaking of Friends…

My friend Amber wrote a post about the day we spent together a few days/weeks/months (I’ve lost track of time) ago. You can read it here.  God brings just the right people into my life at just the right time. I feel so very blessed to consider Amber my friend. (And through Amber I now also love Ashleigh the Blogless and Sing4Joy Judi!)

Oh, and Amber? When I come to visit you I want to eat at Whimsical, okay?

Someone asked me a few days/weeks/months (I’ve lost track of time) ago if people really called me “Whimzie.”  The friends that I’ve made through this blog call me “Whimzie.”  In fact, they even use that name when they talk to God about me. Just about everyone else calls me “Amy.”A couple of friends from my brief foray into MySpace world call me “Sprocket” because that was my name there. Three kids call me either “Mama” or “Mom.” I’ll answer to any of those names. They all have special meaning to me.

I chose “Whimzie” because CarpoolQueen (I call her “Sus”) told me once that she saw some shoes that reminded her of me because they were whimsical. I thought that was a fun way to be described and so I turned it into a nickname. Because she and what she thinks are special to me, the name “Whimzie” is special to me.

I hope it’s not too late to link to this post, but another blog friend is doing some research. Unless you already know her you can’t answer the first three questions in her post, but I’m sure she’d love to get your input on the fourth question. Click here.

I’d love to stay and chat but right now I need to become good friends with some cleaning products. I need to find the source of the funky smell in my refrigerator. Oh, the glamorous life I live….



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9 responses to “Speaking of Friends…

  1. I hate funky refrigerator smells. They frequent our house . . .

    ps – yay for fun friends! I call you whimzie in my head and my prayers 🙂

  2. you.me.whimzical. it’s on my bucket list.

  3. I personally think Whimzie is the cutest name in the history of the blogiverse BAR NONE. And it fits you perfectly.

  4. Even though I knew you as Amy first, I love the name Whimzie and find myself thinking of you that way.

    CAn you ever be true friends with the cleaning products? I have a love hate relationship with them myself. 🙂 Guess I had better work on the relationship some today too.

    Happy weekend!

  5. carpoolqueen

    Love ya’.

    Mean it.

  6. Gretchen

    I loved that picture on Amber’s post, & love it here, again. How wonderful that a best friend knows you so well that she can peg the perfect adjective to describe you. So thankful for the substance AND whimsy you’ve brought into my life.

  7. oh how I love sweet meet-ups and fun times with friends bloggy ones and otherwise…

    I love a girl named Whimzie, too…how ironic y’all have the same name!! 😉

  8. i like the whimzie story.

    and i still like how superheroey ‘sprocket and suburban girl’ sounds…and that those names are forever connected in my head.

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