A Gladnesday Wednesday Full of Sharing

Has the weather where you are been as gorgeous as the weather where I am? That would be hard to answer if you are unfamiliar with the magnitude of gorgeousness where I am, so let me just tell you, it has been beautiful here!! I live in the part of the South where we usually go straight from winter to crispy-fried, sticky, tropical summer. But this year we’re having a real spring with gentle breezes and birds chirping in the trees, and temperatures in the 70s. I’ve been driving around with the windows down and yesterday I stopped myself right before I stuck my head completely out of the window to let my ears flop in the breeze like a basset hound on a Sunday drive.

The kids have standardized testing this week which means they don’t have homework so we’ve spent every afternoon outside soaking up the sunshiney bliss of this weather. I didn’t realize my moods were as weather-dependent as they apparently are, but I’ve found it hard to be in a bad mood when it’s as beautiful as it has been.

That’s why I decided today would be a great day to play The Glad Game that my friend Gretchen likes to play.

And because I’m feeling so springalistically happy (what? that’s not a word?), I tried to include some Gladitudes that would make you glad, too. Like…

1. Dave Barnes’s new CD, aka Whimzie’s Spring Sounddtrack.

You’re familiar with Dave Barnes, right? If you aren’t, you’re missing out on some delicious ear candy. His voice is like smoked honey. I’ve never met a Dave Barnes song that I didn’t like. I think my favorite one on his new CD is “Little Lies.” If you go to his website using the link I gave you in the first sentence of this paragraph, you can hear it for yourself. Warning: This song is an ear worm. I’ve been “La-La-La-La-La-La-La-La-These-Little-Lying” for a solid week now. You can buy the CD at his website or it’s available on iTunes. Check out his older CDs, too.

2. Remember when I told you about Jon Acuff’s book, Stuff Christians Like?

Well, this month you can download the audiobook for free at christianaudio.com.  I always prefer owning an actual book to having someone read aloud to me but I downloaded it because the book is read by Jon and I wondered if he really sounded like he does in my head. Do you do that? Imagine an author’s voice as you read? Well, I do, and I was surprised at how much he sounded like the voice I’d imagined for him.

3. In the same online store, you can download Randy Alcorn’s book The Treasure Principle for free when you add it to your cart here and then use the coupon code TREPRIN10 at checkout. This offer is only good until April 16th. I found this offer at http://www.moneysavingmom.com, a great site to find coupons and special deals…like the one I just shared with you!

4. This one is not something you can share with me, but I’m very glad that I get to go on a girls’ trip with my mom. We’re leaving tomorrow and we’re flying away for the weekend. I love to fly. I don’t get to travel by plane very often. I try to act bored so people won’t know just how excited I am about the Coke and Biscoff cookies. And the chance to read a book uninterrupted without feeling guilty that I’m not changing the sheets or cleaning the bathroom. I’ll tell you more about my trip when I get back.

5. I’m glad the girls had pedicures yesterday. My daughter, my mom, and I splurged on some toe treatment yesterday. I didn’t have my first pedicure until about 4 or 5 years ago and I’ve only had two since then so this isn’t a regular occurrence for me. But since it’s open-toed shoe season and Mom and I are headed off for our girls’ weekend, we decided to treat ourselves yesterday and let my daughter get in on the fun, too. As I told the Tweeps yesterday, “Train up a child in the way she should go…” An unexpected benefit and probably more than you want to know, but I think I lost 3 pounds in the process when they scraped all the dead, winter skin off the bottoms of my feet!  I had a cute picture of all three of us showing off our fancy toes, but my computer ate it.

I have lots to do to get ready for my big adventure so I need to go. I hope you have a long list of things to be glad about today! Thanks, Gretchen, for reminding me to consciously focus on all the blessings of every day!



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12 responses to “A Gladnesday Wednesday Full of Sharing

  1. So… weird thing… I’m trying to do my taxes, and I’m in my office, listening to our worship leader play around on his guitar singing a catchy tune in his office. I’ve been thinking, “That’s really good…”

    Then your article pops up in Google Reader, and of course, I had to pause from tax work to read.

    I’ve not heard of Dave Barnes, but followed the link and began playing “Little Lies.” You guessed it. Same song that Cody had been playing.

    He walked into my office with a bemused look on his face, and said, “What?” So I told him the story.

  2. Delightfully gladdy for you, my fine-pedi-ed friend! Hope your trip is just wunnerful, filled w/laughation & funderment. Also glad about your spring weather bliss. Living here has definitely shown me that I do best on sunny days; hence…I’m a Vitamin D supplement achiever until I move to Hawaii.

  3. You make me glad, my Snoodley friend.

    And I’m thinking that this summer we need to meet up and share our crispy fried weather with eachother. Two hours away. Two hours. Seems a crime.

  4. Thanks for the links and the pics of those cute toes. Bffw and I are having our toes cured later this month. It’s my birthday present and I CAN’T WAIT!

  5. carpoolqueen

    And now I want Biscoff. They sell them at my Kroger but it’s not the same as eating them alone at 35,000 feet with no one saying, “Mom, can I have a bite of your cookie?”

  6. I’d not heard of Dave Barnes until I clicked your linky-do and, well, thank you! What a treat!

    Love the pedi-d girly toes. I cannot wait to take my little girl for her first “real” pedi.

    I love the spring weather, too….and I’m in the hottest, most humid place (other than hell) imaginable. Well, I don’t know this for certain, but I’m guessing.

  7. I feel all glad-ified now!

    We’ve been having a bona fide spring here too. I don’t know what to do with myself I’m so giddy!

  8. Can your daughter come live with me? She is beautiful, and I want to borrow her for a month or so. Really!

  9. I’ve missed you!! Thank you for my sweet text the other day!! Love you!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great list friend! I’ve seen that Stuff Christians Like book and I don’t get it? I am assuming its supposed to be funny, like an opportunity to laugh at our selves…or are we not supposed to laugh?

    Is it more of a spoof? Or is it a “this is why people think Christians are weird, so try to be normal” kind of book?

    Also, I love pedicures. Like REALLY love them. And I have already indoctrinated my daughter as well. There is something special about clean feet and pretty toes.

  11. Kay

    and I am glad for you!

  12. Thanks for sharing the SCL free download! I’ve been wanting to read that book, and now I can…well, kind of.

    Also, the flowers on your daughter’s nail were ADORABLE!!!

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