Hello, My Name is Whimzie…..And I Want to Be Obedient

Sometimes it’s easier to keep stuff to myself. If I don’t tell anyone, I don’t have to be accountable for anything I say that I may want to take back later. This post has been a little like that for me. Forgive my indulgence, but this post is for me. I want it here in this online journal so I can come back to it when I’ve drifted off course.

Yes, I’m Whimzie and I always wanted to be famous, and then I became a “super Christian” (she said with her tongue firmly in her cheek) and decided I wanted to be famous for the  big and important things I do for God. It’s really the same thing, just spelled a little different and perhaps it sounds a little more altruistic.

I’ve sung every verse of “Here Am I, Lord, Send Me.” I’ve wondered if I should surrender to full-time ministry or volunteer to be a missionary. But mostly I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for my real life to begin, knowing my big chance was just around the next corner.

I’ve already shared with you that one of the ideas from Me, Myself, and Bob (by Phil Vischer) that impacted me was that our dreams can become more important to us than God. I confess at times that has been the case for me. But there were other things that Phil Vischer shared that struck a chord with me as well.

The colorful, italicized parts are direct quotes from Me, Myself, and Bob:

“C.S. Lewis said, ‘He who has God plus many things has nothing more than He who has God alone.’… Beware of your dreams, for dreams make dangerous friends…..Why? Because God is enough….even without our dreams. Without the better life, the healthy child, the happy marriage, the rewarding work.

I’ve needed time to think about that quote and its implications. God plus nothing. That’s all I need. This year most of the things I hold dear have either been removed from my life or altered in some way. Certainly it has been extremely painful. But more than ever, I know God is enough. Anything else He adds to my life is just an extra blessing.

“God doesn’t love me because of what I can do for Him. He just loves me—even when I’ve done nothing at all. (‘While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’ Romans 5:8)….. He loves you not because of what you can do, or even because of what you can do if you work really, really hard. He loves you because He made you. He loves you just the way you are. He loves you even when you aren’t doing anything at all.”

For a first-born, people pleaser, this is huge. I know I wasn’t saved because of my works, but somehow after I became a Christian, I lived as though my worth to God was measured by what I accomplished for Him. When I did good things, God was happy with me. When I did bad things, God didn’t love me as much. That’s simply not true. I can do nothing to make God love me any more or any less than He does.

When it is time to do something for God, and that time will come quickly if you’re listening, don’t worry about the outcome….That’s His job. Your responsibility is simply to do what He asks.

And for me, this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s about obedience. I Samuel 15:22 says to obey is better than sacrifice. God is not as interested in what I give up for Him or even what I do in His name. He’s most interested in my daily obedience.

When Martha was all about “the doing,” Jesus reminded her what she needed was Him. He wanted to spend time with her.

I have not done an exhaustive study, but I tried to think of one person in the Bible who set out to do great things for God. Instead I found people who were busy  being obedient on a daily basis, but living what seemed like ordinary lives. God hand-delivered Noah the blueprint for a big boat. Moses came across a burning bush in the dessert. David was a shepherd boy. Mary was a teenager. Paul was struck blind on the road to Damascus. Jesus called the disciples to follow him from their workplaces. They didn’t go searching for something big to do for God. He met them where they were living their everyday lives.

God has given each of us unique talents and abilities. I don’t think he means for us to waste them. I think he wants us to do our part to be the best at whatever He’s given us to do. But instead of looking for my “big thing,” I want to be obedient in the things I already know He’s called me to do. For me, that means my family has to be a priority. I know God has called me to be a wife and mother.  That is my main job.

I also love to write. And the more I write, the more I want to write. I just want to be careful my passion doesn’t become my purpose.  It’s not that God doesn’t want us to do fun things. I just think He wants to be more important to us than the stuff we get to do for Him.

I will work at being the best writer that I can be, (in fact, I’m praying about an opportunity to attend the SheSpeaks conference this summer.) but I’ve stopped looking for my big break. I may need to come back and remember this night on days when I’m feeling a little restless, but I can honestly say today I’m perfectly content. Even if no one made it through all 1000+ words of this post or even understands a single word of it. God read it and He knows my heart.

I Wonder (by Ruth Harms Calkin)

You know, Lord, how I serve You
With great emotional fervor
In the limelight.
You know how eagerly I speak for You
At a women’s club.
You know how I effervesce when I promote
A fellowship group.
You know my genuine enthusiasm
At a Bible study.

But how would I react, I wonder,
If You pointed to a basin of water
And asked me to wash the callused feet
Of a bent and wrinkled old woman
Day after day,
Month after month,
In a room where nobody saw
And nobody knew?



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29 responses to “Hello, My Name is Whimzie…..And I Want to Be Obedient

  1. Gretchen

    Platernal twins, separated at first-born birth, we are. I want to be obedient, too. And I’m so glad you like to write. So.very.glad. Xxxooo

  2. I so needed to read this. Really. Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I’m going to go and ponder over it now and how I’m going to apply it to my life.

  3. Shew! When I read the word Obedience in the title I was wondering if I really wanted to read this.

    But I am so glad I did….

    Its so hard because I mostly want CLEAR and CONCRETE direction from the Lord. A “calling” if you will. But so often, for me, its about being faithful in the little things, while holding all things in tension. I waiver between the knowledge that we never “earn” our salvation, and yet know that we must be willing to “receive” what God has in store for us! Which requires a bit of action on our part.

    The times I love best of all are when God uses me in my weakness. When I cannot, under any circumstances take credit…that doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s amazes me every time.

    Thanks for sharing sweet Whimz…love you.

  4. carpoolqueen

    I don’t think I’ve ever read that CS Lewis quote at the beginning. You know it resonated deep in my heart.

  5. Beautifully written.

    And such true words. Thank you for the reminder that being famous to God is all that really matters.

  6. Teresa

    Perfect post….and I think you are a GREAT writer.

  7. tanya

    thanks…will need to come back and read this several more times…

  8. This was a beautiful post… the topic something I need to be reminded of often, being the people pleaser that I am.

    Striving for obedience.

  9. Beautifully said.

    My favorite line: “He met them where they were living their everyday lives.”

    I often get caught up in trying to “find God’s will” for my life…should I take this job or that one, plan to stay here or move to a new town, do this ministry or that ministry. Thanks for the reminder that I don’t have to “find” God’s will…He’ll find me.

  10. That poem at the bottom got me.

    Thank you.

  11. Whimzie….what a great post. But really, how did you get *into* my head like that?

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Printing this off to really read it and dwell on it more as the days go on.

  12. Well, you’re gonna force me to go out and buy that Vischer book aren’t you?! Maybe that sale will be the $12.95 that keeps him from pursuring stalking charges.
    Seriously, thanks for this post. I love it and I’m pretty sure I love you. (Just email me the address where I send the $12.95 that stops you from filing stalking charges.)

  13. linda

    Good one!

    Many of us were rocked to the core this past year! It makes us not want to miss one single lesson.

    I love watching you grow! Thanks!

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  15. Exactly what I needed to hear, Whimzie. Thanks for saying it so wonderfully 🙂

  16. we’ve spoken about this before, but seeing it in print is all the more penetrating.

    God is using you to mold my heart, amiga.

    * a little silence while I let this sink in*

  17. Stephanie

    good stuff~ thx

  18. GrannE/momma

    very well put and so true, as an “older” model of you, i can say it gets easier to just accept being you and live for today

  19. A couple things:

    You are SUCH a good writer.

    Ditto. To all of it.

    I really want to meet you in the flesh and just give you a big ole hug…cause I’m a hugger.

    I’m going to steal that C.S. Lewis quote today and use it as a facebook status and maybe on twitter. Just warning you.

    Apparently I was more behind on your blog than I thought I was or you’ve been getting your blog on a little more fiercely than before.:)

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  21. Shari

    Thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear this morning! I too will return to read this when I’ve forgotten these truths!

  22. I loved everything about this post. And I thought I had commented, and then I saw someone linked to it and came over and realized I didn’t leave a comment. And I just didn’t want to go one more minute without making sure you know I loved it! 🙂

  23. This was great. Really really inspiring. Thank you.

  24. Kathy

    I just got on to your blog from another one who referenced you and found it to be intriguing. I, too, am desiring to write and put my thoughts and imaginations on paper to encourage others. The Lord has given me this compelling desire to write despite other options that are before me. I am aware of the fact that it could be an obsession and replace my 1st love for God so I am diligent to spend time in the Word and in His presence. For now I am doing poetry which I started in my early teens. Now I am in a writer’s group where I find that it is a learning process and good to enjoy others’ works in progress as well. May the Lord give you great joy and peace as you pursue your blog and write down stories from your heart.

  25. I get this, Amy, I really do, but I still struggle.

    Somehow my “main job” (wife, mom, homemaker) doesn’t seem like a very big one. I know it is important. Eternally important. But yet it seems so unimportant sometimes.

    I guess I’m in sorta the same place you are. Realizing that the daily obedience is what I’m called to live into.

  26. I think you and I were separated at birth. Wow. Thank you for being used of God in such a monumental way.

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