Almost Wordless Wednesday

I had to add words here to tell you this story. At church a friend I hadn’t seen in several years looked at my kids and said, “Kelly’s Kids?” She meant Kelly’s Kids the company that sells cute, matchy coordinated clothes for kids. Coincidentally (and blog spoiler), my husband’s name is Kelly. Which made for a very awkward pause until I realized she was merely asking me who made my children’s clothes, not questioning my husband’s paternity. By the way, they are Kelly’s kids but the outfits aren’t.


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21 responses to “Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. Love the spoiler!
    And your pictures are fan-tab-u-lous!!!

  2. carpoolqueen

    Is it just me, or does A look like she’s ten?

  3. Aw, your family is beautiful. I love the photos of blooming spring, and I love your children’s adorable outfits.

  4. I’m in love with that first photo. Just sayin’.

  5. Awww…did you have to bribe them to get dressed so nicely??? My kids haven’t looked pulled together since I was dressing them myself. I’m sure they have other great attributes, though. ;-). Great looking fam. We don’t have irises out yet, but our tulips, rhodies, & azaleas are goin’ at it. Meaning, of course, that they’re blooming.

  6. My goodness – those are the cutest littles I have ever seen!! I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up! I will be in your neck of the woods 3 weekends out of the next 7, so maybe we can get together, finally! I will be in touch.


  7. Teresa

    Awesome pictures…love them

  8. Love the story! Mostly because I looked at the first picture and thought, “Someone went to Children’s Place.”

    They are beautiful!!

  9. tanya

    I want a copy of the picture of the 3 of them! Maybe a 5×7?! Love it! Also, so glad I was there to witness some of the awkward moment! A highlight of my Easter day!

  10. offthebeatenpathministries

    Everyone looks darling! Aren’t you thrilled to have a picture where everyone is looking nice, normal, and happy…and well dressed? That’s grand!

  11. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! And I love all the pretty flowers. Ours are just starting to bloom and I can’t wait. I need some color!

  12. Seriously some of the cutest kids. Evah.

  13. Jennifer

    Cute kids/great photos! I laughed b/c I sometimes dress my kids in Kelly’s Kids, and my sister-in-law had those exact same outfits yours are wearing and I asked her what clothing line she found them in!! Her kids are 5 and 3 (boy & girl) but the only difference from your pics is that she had purchased the purple & green combinations!! So cute! If only I was closer to the old LA Boardwalk (like s’port is such a far drive, right?? but somehow crossing over the bridge with 2 little kids just seems like a huge undertaking sometimes…..but with clothes like those I need to check it out!!!)
    Beautiful family, and you are a great photographer of our local flowers!!!

  14. oh my word but your family is just so beautiful! 🙂 I love their outfits – and you look so pretty!

  15. Gorjamus.

    And if you say that you just “stumbled” upon those coordinating outfits, then I might just jam my fingernail in my eye. Because I’ve done the search for the perfect matchy matchy outfits without being totally twinkified….and I might as well have found gold in my backyard…I think that might have been the easier task.

    Precious family of Snoodles you have there, Whimz. Precious.

  16. Beautiful pics!!!

    Kelly’s kids?! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


    And I laughed out loud at the Kelly’s Kids question!

  18. linda

    thanks for sharing! how beautiful!!!

  19. amytuttle

    very funny. 🙂 this got a chuckle out of me and my mom too.


    ps. the outfits are very nice!

  20. Haha! Wish I could have witnessed the awkward. (By the way, doesn’t the word awkward just look awkward? Very appropriate, I think.)

    Love the pictures!

  21. I got it right away…because I used to nuts about Kelly’s Kids clothing. Very funny interpretation on your part though!

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