Don’t Forget! (A Virtual String Around Your Finger If You Will)

Don’t forget that today is your last chance to leave a comment on the post before this one (just click here) to have a chance to win one of the two new What’s in the Bible? DVDs! Remember, I’m the girl who brought you amazing products like Whimzie Popcorn, World Market Chocolate Macadamia Laceys, and Same Kind of Different As Me.  Would I lead you astray? I’m telling you, What’s in the Bible? is what all the cool kids will be watching this spring. It’s the new black. And by kids, I don’t just mean children, I mean you there on the other side of this screen. Whether you have kids or not. Whether you know me in or outside of my computer. Whether you live in America or not. Go. Enter. Now. P.S. I’ll count any comments that are entered before March 24. I know that I originally gave a cut-off time, but I want to give everyone a chance to enter who wants one.

Speaking of What’s in the Bible?, His Girl Amber, my REAL-LIFE friend who now lives inside AND outside of my computer, gets to interview Phil Vischer for a radio program tomorrow!! I know, right? She was asking us on Twitter a little while ago if we had any questions that we would like to ask. I’ve already given her my (partial) list of questions, but in the comments today, I was wondering what YOU would ask Phil Vischer if you had the chance. What say you?



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4 responses to “Don’t Forget! (A Virtual String Around Your Finger If You Will)

  1. I would probably ask him if he ever DOESN’T dream of lyrics, ideas, etc…does he think of things in the shower, going to bed, eating dinner, etc.

    But, I’d also tell him how blessed I’ve been (as well as my children) from his incredible ministry and his amazing talent.

  2. carpoolqueen

    I need to tell Phil Vischer that my son pulled out the Bible from the hotel nightstand drawer and started reading.

    When I asked him if he was reading a particular passage, he said, “I’m reading Leviticus because Buck Denver’s going to talk about that in the next DVD and I want to be ready.”


  3. thanks for your help, whimz!!!

    so glad you live outside AND inside my computer now!!!

    AND CPQ? you just knocked my socks off!!!

  4. Betty Boop

    I would love to win for my grandsons! My prayer for them is to be surrounded by Godly friends and adults and this would be an excellent source of information for them. I wish for them to get a firm foundation in Christ and hopefully that will carry them through what this life has to offer. The little one (5 yrs) is getting a lot of information from SpongeBob and I’m not sure how spiritual he and Patrick are!!!!!

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