WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? Week: Technicolor Yawn Difficulties

The video review I had scheduled for Day 2 of What’s in the Bible? week is on hold. We celebrated the first day of spring break yesterday with lots of…. well, see, my oldest son was….he uh….(see this post). It looks like it was a short-lived bug but it interrupted our scheduled filming. We’re supposed to leave to go out of town tomorrow so there may not be a post tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be back on Thursday and Friday. Or I may just be flexible and see what happens. Who was it who said, “we plan, God laughs”? But have no fear, I’ll still have a grand finale post where I’ll give you a chance to win one of these wonderful DVDs.

Instead of the kids’ review, would you like to see the first five minutes of the first episode? Hear the theme song? Of course you would! Click here.

Until I get back, I would like you to answer as many of the following questions as you would like to answer. There’s no scholarship riding on it, so be brave and tell me:

A. Who’s your favorite Veggie Tale character?

B. What’s your favorite Veggie Tale episode?

C. What’s your favorite Veggie Tale song?



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7 responses to “WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? Week: Technicolor Yawn Difficulties

  1. carpoolqueen

    I have watched WIIT, DVD’s 1 and 2, twice each already.

    I LOVE THEM!!!! I’ve learned something new myself, and can I TELL you how thrilled I am that I don’t have to wait until my kids take OT in college before they learn some of the things they learned today on the way to New Bern?

    I can’t wait for DVD 3.

  2. carpoolqueen

    Oh, and it’s WITB, not WIIT. I’ve been in the car with the kids all day. I may be at my WIIT’s end.

  3. Witts End. Ha ha ha ha ha !
    Favorite VT character: Mr. Lunt

    Episode: Toss up between “Josh and the Big Wall” and “Madame Blueberry”

    Song? Oh, there are many. “My Cheeseburger”, “I’m so Blue-hooo hooo hoo”, “The Hairbrush Song”

    And I’m with CPQ…I’m glad my kids are learning things about why we do what we do at this young age instead of waiting until they are old like me.

    That is all. God made you special, and He loves you very much!

  4. I’m so very excited about all of this!!! 🙂

    Except the (see this post) stuff. Yucky.


    1) Junior. Because he’s cute. And I like his hat.
    2) A Snoodle’s Tale. And I’m not just saying that to win brownie points. It really does make me do the ugly cry every time I watch it.
    3) “I Love To Dance” — from Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly

  5. Favorite character? Bob the Tomato. He and I are VERY alike.

    Favorite episode? Reach wayyy back and remember Josh and the Big Wall. Love those slushie bombs.

    Favorite song? Larry Boy singing ‘Barbara Manatee’. And now it’s in my head. Thanks.

  6. I haven’t seen much VT, but I bought the Silly Songs with Larry CD when I was in college. Hands down, my favorite song is “We Are The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” LOVE. IT.

    Also, you made my day when you commented on my blog. I smiled and smiled. 🙂

  7. Lydia Stevenson

    Character JR, he has such a child(ok I know he is a veggie) like faith. I want to always believe like him.

    Episode Madame Blueberry especially A thankful heart is a happy heart, been known to quote that one to my kids, and the Holy Spirit brings that to my heart when I want to complain( like now when I have no washer for two weeks)

    Song the obscure 8 Polish Christmas Foods, because I live in Poland and it is so true.

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