Love Your Heart: A Book Review

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me a free copy of Tim McGraw’s (yes, that Tim McGraw!) and Tom Douglas’s latest book Love Your Heart. I know a six-year-old story lover who was gracious enough to allow me to interview her on her thoughts about the book.

In case you didn’t get all that Vanna our sweet reviewer said, this is a book about a little girl who is trying to decide what she should do for the upcoming talent show.  In the end, the girl chooses to make a sacrifice to help a friend and her father tells her that of all her many talents and abilities, he loves her heart most of all. It’s a sweet book with pretty pictures and a positive message. It isn’t the Velveteen Rabbit by a long stretch, but it’s a good book all the same. The forty-year-old reading the book struggled a little with the logic flow of the story, but the six-year-old who was more likely a member of the target reading audience than her mother didn’t seem to see the same problems. I guess this would be one of those instances where my husband would need to remind me, “It’s just a book/movie/TV show/Geico commercial. It’s supposed to be fun.” From that perspective, I enjoyed the satisfaction my daughter received from the book. I like that the book features a strong father who loves and is supportive of his daughter. My daughter is blessed to have a dad like that in her life and I like to find books that portray men as strong and loving.

For the record, when I said “boy friends,” the space between those two words was not emphasized as much as I would have liked. We have friends who are boys. We will not be having any “boyfriends” in this family for many, many years.

My thanks to my lovely book reviewer. And to the Coney Dog wearing his Cone of Shame.



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7 responses to “Love Your Heart: A Book Review

  1. Yay! I love your lovely book reviewer! And my kids love your lovely book reviewer. And the coney dog too.

  2. Awww… makes me sad I don’t have a little one anymore to get this for. I had seen that he had some books, but didn’t know what they were about.

  3. Oh, she’s adorable! Nina watched the video on my lap and loved it.

    You have a beautiful voice.

  4. I am loving this so much! Both of y’all are just too sweet.

    (I love The Colonel flipping over as if to say “hey, get THIS on video..see what I’ve been thru blog peeps?!) 😉

    I tend to be a little harsh when famous people try to write books…Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, etc. but I always read anyway to see exactly what they are about!

    Can’t wait to read this one with my own little book reviewer!

  5. You’re the best. And…I have been sleeping out under the house all night because I luff you. Lurve your reviewer, too, BTW.

  6. tanya

    RJ has watched the video 3 times! She told me not to delete it so she can watch it later when she cries when A leaves….love those girls!

  7. Becky

    Love the reviewer and the poor puppy with the cone of shame. Makes me almost wish I had a little girl. Most of the time I’m grateful I don’t have to do hair.

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