Snow Day in the South

We don’t get many snow days where I live, but last Friday, we had snow. Before 10 a.m. we had created a multitude of heavenly hosts (aka snow angels) and an androgynous snow person. No one could decide whether we’d made a snow”he” or a snow”she.”

I took pictures. Want to see?

Sometimes I fancy myself to be a real photographer. K gave me a fancy, new camera for Christmas. I planned to learn how to use it by reading the owner’s manual on the way to his family’s house for Christmas, but I packed the Spanish version of the manual instead of the English one. I took Spanish for Medical Professionals for one semester when I was in nursing school but I all I remember is how to say “Where does it hurt? (“[upside-down question mark] Donde le duele?”) and “Push!” (“Empuja!”) I also speak a little Dora (“Come on! Vamonos!”), but I’ve never seen an episode of Dora where she deals specifically with aperture settings. Hence, I only know how to use my fancy, new camera on the automatic setting.

Anyway, here are my artsy pictures of snowy trees:

The tire swing in our yard:

I was trying to do a “Narnia” thing here with the lampost. I didn’t realize the car was in the frame. That kind of ruins the effect for me:

I love it when trees come together like this to make a little tunnel of sorts:

I like to think that my little signs are part of the reason the snow decided to visit us. (Never mind that I put them out many a year with nary a flake to be seen all winter.):

My “home sweet home gnome.” He makes me smile:

Feeling artsy again:

Real live snow really falling down right here in Louisiana. I took a picture. It will last longer:

Find the cardinal:

My mom used to get irritated when we’d get our vacation pictures developed only to find that my dad had taken six rolls of film with nothing but birds and trees on them. I wonder if Ansel Adams’s wife gave him the same kind of grief. I did take pictures of people. Here are a few:

He owns a coat and yet he doesn’t always wear it:

His brother, on the other hand, is ready for some black diamonds. Ski googles are a must:

Always camera ready:

One of the obligatory snow angels:

Grammy takes Colonel out for a romp in the snow:

The obligatory snow person. We thought it was a snowman but look at those eyelashes!:

Mugging with the snowperson:

You know what I like about snow days? I mean besides the…snow? I like that we take the time to notice the stuff we miss when our schedules are full and our days are “normal.” I don’t usually take the time to look at trees. I don’t always take the time to make our hot chocolate more special by adding whipped cream and peppermint syrup. I go from Task A to Task B and sometimes I don’t fully look and listen to the people around me. But on snow days, I slow down and enjoy life one minute at a time. We play and laugh and rest. I think I’m going to schedule more snow days….whether the snow comes or not.



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18 responses to “Snow Day in the South

  1. Awesome pictures, Amy!

    By the way…WHERE.DO.YOU.LIVE?! I don’t really need the geographical answer to that, but, seriously, the homes look so stinkin’ cool.

    Good job gettin’ your Ansel on.

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  3. Oh it’s so pretty! And your pictures are great even if you dont know how to use your camera! 🙂 and I totally agree with Cathy, those houses look super cool – and pretty

  4. What fun! Your neighborhood looks so pretty with the big trees…more pictures of your neighborhood and house please…so very pretty!!!

    sandy toe

  5. Amy

    Beautiful!! It looks like y’all are on the quad at my favorite college campus.

  6. I love the pics–especially the cardinal one–but I really love what you said about snow days. I feel the same way, Whimz. I always tell my family that snow days are a gift! When else does your schedule magically clear and give you an entire day at home to do nothing but enjoy the day and each other?

    Happy Monday!

  7. Man, Louisiana knows how to make beautiful trees and houses! And with snow on them they’re even more gorgeous! We’re about tired of snow days here, and I don’t even live in the snowiest part of the country! You know it’s a crazy winter if even Louisiana and Florida have snow!

  8. love the photos of the snowtrees.

    yay for new camera presents!

  9. beautiful.

    I’ve snow pics too but they are trapped in my camera right now.

    little miss snoodle wasn’t ready for that shot at ALL. 😉

  10. We played in the snow today. And I know you hate it when Northerners do this, but ours was pretty hard to walk in–up to our knees.

  11. Loved your snow pics! Your neighborhood looks so pretty. We had snow here in SC last weekend too.

  12. Loved all the pictures…I thought you knew Greg. He and Dana come to FBB and he loved your Dad. He wore a bracelet the entire time he was sick. He is the new car sales manger at John Harvey and has been there for the last 12 years….the last few months have not been the best time to be a Toyota dealership…

  13. linda

    I loved your Snoodle Snow Review!!!

    I agree, there is nothing like a good snow day!!!

  14. Agree with the snow day sentiments. And…you should just buy an iphone app that faxes all Spanish instructions to the CPQ. She can translate for you. Voila. Problem solved. No…I am not a fixer.

    Great pictures. We have bald eagles, but we do not have cardinals. And I am jealous. In a very repentant way.

  15. Back to say…

    Lurve your hat.

    And…is the Colonel being strangled by his leash getting caught in the trampoline? Prolly just my eyes.

  16. Becky

    The snow started on my birthday! Reminded me of my birthday when we were freshmen in college, and you told to look out the window that God gave me snow for my birthday. He did it again. I didn’t get to stay home from school though. The roads in South Arkansas were all clear.

  17. I know I am totally late to this party but I just had to tell you about the time we went on a school field trip to San Diego Zoo. My parents both game as chaperones. My Dad handed each of us (my brothers and I) 3 disposable cameras and instructed us to not take pictures of all the animals.

    Which of course we did. Do you think we got one picture of us with our friends? Our siblings? Our classmates. Nope…but we had 300 pictures of the SAME animals!

    Ps: Your new camera takes amazing photos!

  18. Ashley Balakas

    I love the pics! I cannot believe it snowed in Louisiana!! Y’all need to come visit me in Colorado now that you have all your snow gear and have practiced all of your snowman-making skills!!

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