Who WHAT?!

I think most of you know that I live in Louisiana, which is, as of last night, the home of the Super Bowl 44 champion team, the New Orleans Saints.


I didn’t grow up a Saints fan. I didn’t even grow up in Louisiana, but I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else and this state has come to feel like home to me and my family. We always make it a point to root for the home team wherever we live, and this Super Bowl season, we were more than happy to support the Saints.

Last night Mom came over to watch the game with us. She was not pulling for New Orleans because she’s a fan of Peyton Manning’s. We let her in anyway.

We ate jambalaya and birthday pralines-and-cream king cake (K’s birthday was Friday.):

We even had signs for both sides. The other team:

And the WINNERS:

We ate, laughed at commercials, screamed and cheered, and enjoyed being together. Even though Grammy’s team lost, I think she had a good time, too. We even enjoyed the half-time show! I think I had lower expectations so I was pleasantly surprised. I like The Who and was glad that they did all of their most familiar songs. Honestly, I was just glad they were able to stand upright. They’re not as young as they used to be. And the fact that Pete Townshend still has a rotator cuff after all that arm winding he does is nothing short of a medical miracle. Also, I’m easily impressed by bright lights and laser shows. When they announced that The Who would be doing the half-time show I knew the Saints would win. It was a sign. The WHO…WHO DAT? The Who sings “WHO Are You?” It was just meant to be.

We couldn’t decide on which commercial was our favorite. We liked the earth police. We always like the talking babies. And now I’ve completely forgotten the other commercials we liked. I’m one step away from being a member of The Who.

So WHO did you want to win last night? Did you do anything special? Did you have a favorite commercial? What did you eat? Impressed or distressed by the half-time show?



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15 responses to “Who WHAT?!

  1. Since I’ve been in Lousiana most of my life, we were definitely rooting for the Saints! We went to my aunt’s house and watched the game with them, my mom, sister & grandmother. We ate a sandwich tray from McAlister’s, fried crawfish tails, cheese fries & a blooming onion from Outback, cheesy taco dip, touchdown taco dip, a king cake, football cake & red velvet cake. There was way too much food! Bella, two years old, entertained us during the halftime show. None of us were fans of The Who. It was a great game! There was lots of yelling going on & people were doing fireworks when we left. The traffic was insanely crazy for 9:30 on a Sunday night! We are so thrilled for them!

  2. Amy

    I’m sorry to report that the only real football fan in our house dozed off early in the game. I fast-forwarded through the game and tried to catch the commercials. I’m still wondering, “Isn’t ALL wheat golden?”

  3. Does it make me un-American that we didn’t watch the game and never do? We’re not big football fans. I like basketball and the son loves baseball, but even so we don’t watch sports on tv. I’ve found better things to sleep to in the evening.

  4. I am still not recovered from that adorable, and funny, Doritoes commercial.

  5. I like Manning, but my hubby and son were for the Saints.

    Truth be told, I didn’t watch it with them…just flipped over in the 4th to see the score.

    Are we still friends?

  6. carpoolqueen

    I liked the talking babies – the “milkaholic” comment cracked me up.

    The Doritos commercials annoyed me, mainly because I forgot to purchase some for the game and they were a grim reminder of my epic failure.

  7. Wait a second! I didn’t know that you currently live in Louisiana! I thought you grew up in the South, but were living somewhere like Pennsylvania or something… woops. I guess I really don’t catch on, do I? 🙂 Well I wonder if you live anywhere near me. That would be exciting, just to find out we’re living really close without even knowing it.
    Anyways, of course we were excited that the Saints won. I think we were all a little shocked, since everyone thought the Colts would win. I’m proud of the Saints for fighting so hard for the championship. My favorite commercial was the Dodge Charger commercial, that showed a bunch of men thinking things like, “I will go to work every day and pay the bills,” “I will listen to you all the time,” “I will watch your vampire movies with you,” etc, and then it said something like, “But when it comes to my car, I get to choose what I want.” I thought it was clever, and so many of the things it said were true! Especially the “vampires movies” part.

    Oh! I must ask you if you could reveal your jambalaya recipe (or would you have to kill me?). My hubby says that he’s dying for some good jambalaya, so if you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would give you all the credit. And we bought a king cake too, from a pastry shop, but it wasn’t that amazing. Do you know of a good place to order king cakes from?

    • whimzie

      Hey, Haley!! I’m so behind on email that I’m embarrassed to just now be answering you! I do currently live in Louisiana. We’re stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base which is in Bossier City, which is right beside Shreveport in the northwestern part of the state, very close to the Texas line. I’m about 5 1/2 hours from you. We’re moving this summer to Florida, near Fort Walton Beach. I probably won’t be that detailed about where we’re moving in the blog. I know it’s mainly friends and family who read, but I try not to give all the details of my life to the internet world. As for my jambalaya recipe? Well, I have to laugh, because I don’t make red beans and rice OR jambalaya from scratch. I use the Bayou Magic brand mix (www.bayoulandexpress.com) It’s in some grocery stores and actually some of the gift shop places that sell Louisiana stuff carry it, too. It’s easy, but to me it’s as good as a lot of the “from scratch” recipes I’ve tasted. We get our king cakes from a bakery in Shreveport called Julie Anne’s. (www.julieannesbakery.com). I love her pralines and cream one. I’ve had king cake from Gambino’s but it was so long ago I don’t even remember what it tasted like. My best friend Susan received a king cake from N.O. friends this year that she said was very good and very sweet. It was from Manny Randazzo’s. I’m sad your time in LA is coming to an end! Even though I don’t see you, I liked knowing you were in my state! I haven’t had a chance to comment on your latest pictures, but that’s one cute little boy you have! He needs to stay down here a little longer so we can get his accent firmly established! Hope you’re well today! heart, Amy Amy A. Lawson (aka whimzie)Twitter: whimzie Blog: http://www.snoodlings.com

  8. I kinda sorta watched . . . I mean if you call trying to stop Jayc from running in front of the projector and climbing up and down the hardwood stairs watching . . .

    but that Doritos commercial with the little boy and his mom going on the date? loved it.

  9. My BEST friend is a die-hard Colts/Peyton fan and I sheepishly told her this morning that I was pulling for the Saints (but only because John outed me in his post today).

    You know I loved the green police commercial. Second-runner up was the “Lost” beer commercial. Made me laugh out loud. So did the Doritos spots.

  10. My fave had to be the commercial with the “casual work days”. They were all in their undies. I died laughing. Of course, I don’t exactly know what the commercial was advertising, but it was still fun.

    We had two large 8 qt pots of popcorn and butter. The end. And we chose the Saints b/c they were the underdogs.

  11. Sami

    I totally watched. In between my crafting 🙂 I always root for Louisiana. It helps them when I put on purple and gold. But I only have LSU stuff and not Saints. But that’s ok because they didn’t need my help. They had Kim Kardashian!

  12. We were at friends’ house & I actually watched the first half of the game & the very end (I hate football, but kind of got into this one.) I loved the Doritos commercial with the dog collar! And I liked the Clydesdale/cow commercial. I thought the ones of the underwear were obscene & that many of them were degrading to men (like so many of the sitcoms are). If they tried to make women look as stupid as they do men, there would be a huge uproar!
    But we had a fun evening & lots of good food, & I’m glad the Saints won.

  13. Peyton is my boyfriend. And I might have shed a tear over his loss on Sunday.

    Either that or it was the horrid chanting of “Who Dat?” in my ear all night by every.other.person.at.our.Super.Bowl.Party.

    Being the only Colts’ fan was depressing.

    At least I got to eat good food.

  14. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Google commercial with the French love story. I actually squealed a very girly, high-school style squeal of delight at the end of that commercial. 🙂

    Jeremy and I also marvelled at the rotator cuff ability of Pete Townshend, so I giggled (okay, snorted) out loud when I saw that you noticed it too.

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