For All of You Visual Learners

Several of you wanted to see a picture of my pudding cone craft. It’s almost as if you didn’t believe me! I didn’t post pictures yesterday because K gave me a new camera for Christmas and I hadn’t installed the software on my computer that allowed me to download the pictures from my camera. I’m very good at remembering to “take” the pictures, I’m just not that good at doing anything with the image once it’s been captured inside my camera. But since you asked and I’m a giver and so that you’ll believe I’m not just making this stuff up just to entertain you, I installed and registered and connected and downloaded.  I’ll even share a few pictures of the kids “getting their crafty on.”

By the way, did I mention the kids thought this was a costume craft party?

Oh, look! Buzz and Prince Caspian were there!

I wonder if she’s making a Valentine’s Day card for Prince  Charming:

I’m not sure, but I think this is her “I’m humoring you by allowing you take my picture but could you hurry up? I have a life” expression:

Well, what do you know? That look must be genetic!

I made them let me take this picture of their matching outfits. We didn’t plan for them to dress alike, it just happened that way. We passed the bug t-shirt down to Jesse, brand new, complete with tags. I thought it was so cute when I bought it. B had been all about bugs: bug books, bug collections, anything insect-y. I happily handed him his new shirt and he looked down his nose at it and said, “I’m not really so much into bugs anymore.” And that’s the story of how I gave Jesse a brand new bug t-shirt.

Working diligently on their cards:

Apparently it’s doppelganger time on Facebook. (Who decides this stuff and why don’t I ever get those memos?) I’ve noticed that several of my friends have posted pictures of their celebrity look-alikes on their pages. In the above picture you can see my daughter’s doppelganger. The blonde ponytailed head on top of the red shirt? That’s not my daughter, but she looks more like her than anyone in our family does. She even has the same first name as my daughter. Before I met her, I’d heard that there was a little blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl who looked a lot like my A. And then one day, I saw her. We were standing in line at my daughter’s dance studio, waiting to have her recital photograph taken. I saw the other A and I knew that she had to be the one everyone had been telling me about. It’s a little spooky to see them together. Their facial features are slightly different, but they do look very similar.

But you guys didn’t come here to talk about doppelgangers! You came to see evidence of my craftiness. Now, just so you know, the first ones I made looked much neater and more like ice cream cones. But I forgot to take a picture. I actually made this one after we’d all finished snack, just so I’d have a picture of it. (Because I knew some of you wouldn’t be able to just take my word for it.) This is a vanilla-chocolate layered cone. I took one for the team and made myself eat it after I took its picture so it wouldn’t be wasted. Just don’t judge the cuteness of this craft by this one picture. (Think that’ll be enough disclaimers for one picture or should I have you all sign a waver? Insecure much? Yes, I’m planning to buy Beth’s new book. I just wish I spoke Spanish so I could by the one titled Hasta Luego, Inseguridad! Thank you, Arnold Schwarzanegger for making the Spanish words for goodbye hysterically funny forever. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah! The pudding cone picture):

Okay. I’d love to stay here and chat all day, but I’ve set a goal for myself. See, I’m out of World Market Milk Chocolate Macadamia Laceys but I’m not allowing myself to leave the house until my room is completely clean. Over the last few weeks it has become the dumping place for laundry that needs to be folded and put away, decorations that need to go to the attic, miscellaneous junk that confuses me, and general piles of who-knows-what. It will be interesting to see which will win. Will my love of the cookie inspire to accomplish my mission? Or will my ability to get sidetracked by lint defeat me? Stay tuned. Think of it as a little pre-Super Bowl competition excitement. Or as a sad, sad commentary on the state of my discipline and will power. I’ll let you decide.

(If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, please send snacks. And someone should probably pick up my kids from school.)



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15 responses to “For All of You Visual Learners

  1. Girl, you just make me smile.

    I think we’re bedroom twins. Maybe I should go get some of these Laceys of which you speak FIRST before I get started….you know, as motivation. Ahem.

  2. Thanks from one of the visual learners! That is uber-cute. Is that an actual word?

    Today I must declutter the school room. But, methinks I’ll have one of Mr. Neal’s Mocha Cinnamon Chocolate chip cookies as motivation.

  3. “Could your girlfriend and her daughter have longer eyelashes?”she asks in her best Chandler Bing voice.

    No, they could not.

    Lurve your disclaimers. I am so the same way.

    Non-ice cream ice cream looks divine.

  4. carpoolqueen

    Very crafty pudding, indeed. And reading your post today while on Prednisone and codeine has been a trip.

  5. My opinion of you has just skyrocketed.

  6. Puddincone that’s what Sus needs to go w/ her Prednisone! HA!

    What a fun day w/ friends!! I love days like that!! So enjoyable and silly and loads of laughs!

    Yeah, um, on that FB thing…a lot of my “friends” think a LOT of themselves! sheesh.

  7. Is your room like Monica’s closet? Cause I have a room like that. Ok multiple rooms. You know what stinks about having your house on the market? you’re not supposed to do that anymore . . . lame.

    i love your pudding cone. And I’m just amazed at how selfless and giving you are, eating it like you did. Way to take one for the team 🙂

  8. love it…

    cute pictures

  9. Way to go, crafty mom! How fun- a costume and craft party in one. Love it.

    CPQ’s comment also left me amused and curious. 🙂

  10. Amy

    Love the puddincone! That’s something I want to try! Love the pictures, too! Looks like a great time.

  11. Kay

    I have to say, you seem especially prone to distraction today or whenever you wrote this post, so I’m not so sure the room will get cleaned in time for supper much less in time to pick up kids! Love you though!

  12. ……………….And someone should probably pick up my kids from school…..


  13. Today is Catch Up on Google Reader day for me. Tag, you’re it!

    Love the cone, and the cute kids.

    Hey, do you HAVE to use camera software? When I bought new computer, I just started using iPhoto (I know you’re a Mac girl too) and I like it better than my Canon software. Just a thought…

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