Wednesday Whatevers and a Crafting Recap

Craft day went well; thanks for asking. No one glued anything together that was supposed to stay separated. No one was overcome by marker fumes. The day could not have been craftier. The kids made all kinds of Valentine’s Day cards to give to friends and family. Several of the cards incorporated gum and candy in their designs. Ruby Jane and her little brother Jesse prearranged to give those cards to each other so that neither would miss out on a chance for a quick sugar fix. Pretty good thinking! These kids will do well in life.

My snack was a hit, thank you very much. I took an idea from the February issue of Family Fun magazine. I made instant pudding in a plastic bag according to the directions on the box and refrigerated it until it was pudding consistency. When we were ready for a snack, I squeezed the pudding into a flat-bottomed ice cream cone and then decorated the top with sprinkles. The kids loved that it looked like ice cream but it was really pudding. And for once, my craft looked like the illustration. I retract my declaration that I am not crafty. I am crafty in the arts of yummy snacks. But I can’t ice a cake. So maybe I’m not proficient in all the food crafts just yet. I didn’t invent the “food as a craft” category, by the way. Haven’t you ever seen “craft services” in movie credits? Those are the people who provide the catering for the movie sets, so see? Food counts as a craft. And Martha cooks, so there’s even more validation. Not that you asked for any.

Today is the first day in a long time that I don’t have anything scheduled during the time that the kids are in school so I’m going to try to accomplish great and mighty things during this time. Or at least change the linens on our beds.

I’ll leave you with a Little Snoodle story that made me smile.. K was helping the kids finish up baths before bedtime and he told our daughter to run and put on her pajamas so we could have story time and prayer.  She asked, “Dad, do you want me to literally run to my room or do you just want me to get there quickly?”

Okay. I need to run (not literally). Happy Wednesday!



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13 responses to “Wednesday Whatevers and a Crafting Recap

  1. Amy

    The pudding cone sounds great! I’ll have to look for the details. Glad the crafting went well!

  2. RJ and brother are scary smart! Y’all better watch out for those two or you’ll loose even the advantage you pretend to have.

  3. tanya

    I can just see the look on A’s face as she is asking K that! So sweet and sincere!!

  4. What? No picture of your snack masterpiece?!
    Sounds cute!

  5. Kay

    Oh, I remember the days when my kids would have been happy with pudding in a cone topped with sprinkles. Cherish those days! Now they would turn up their noses at such fancies, unless that was the snack at VBS and they were told they couldn’t have any because they’re only for the children. THEN they would want one!

  6. Oh, that Little Snoodle! So much like her mama!

  7. I adore Family Fun.

    Can’t believe there wasn’t any photo documentation of the craftiness!

    Do you know how much J and A would love each other??!! One of these days…

  8. Marie

    Please tell me I am not the only one…I had a free day today too and it is funny how a day of “nothing” fills up so quickly! So did those linens get changed? My tomorrow is going to be a horror with appt.’s all over the place but I bet I don’t pick up my daughter 30 minutes late again like I did today. Embarrassing!

  9. Sounds like fun! And I’m one of those crafty-deficient people who can’t understand a concept until they see a picture.

  10. haha that last little story was so cute 🙂 and I’m totally impressed with your pudding cones!

  11. Love Family Fun. I can actually do them, usually.

  12. You and K are training her up to be a good wife, indeed. Communication skilz are important.

    Glad you had fun crafting.

  13. Oh, I have a kid who takes things very literally. Like “I’m not going to JUMP in the shower, mom, I think I’ll just STEP in instead.” The snarky TEENAGE humor abounds. 😉

    Hope you got those linens changed. Because I’m quite sure I took up MOST of your free time on that unscheduled morning. 😉

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