You Ought to Be in Pictures…Just Maybe Not So Many

My computer has an application called Photo Booth. It allows you to take pictures from the computer’s camera and add special effects. You can also record short videos. My kids call it “Face Game.” My dad introduced them to it. They used to love to hang out with him in his office and make weird faces that he would let them print out to bring home. They were so excited when we bought this computer and they discovered that they could play Face Game at home!

I didn’t realize just how much they loved it until I opened the application recently and discovered that they have taken 543 photos of themselves and have recorded 197 movies. I decided to watch a few of the movies and was amazed to find that I may be raising the next John Hughes, Steven Spielberg, and Sofia Coppola (I only know one female director). I would happily show you a movie or two that they created, but I haven’t taught myself how to insert my own videos into my blog posts yet. Maybe I should see if my kids know how. It’s too bad I can’t show them to you. They’re hilarious and maybe even a little disturbing.

I can show you a few pictures that I found:

I had to laugh when I saw this picture. I had no idea they’d talked Kentucky Granny into playing:
All three of these little Snoodles are hams. I have no idea where they get it.
I don’t care if they are my kids, they’re pretty cute little Snoodles. Which reminds me of one of my friend “Ralph’s” favorite stories. Let’s call it “How Not to Tell A Mom She Has a Cute Kid.” I was talking to someone at a church event one evening and the conversation went something like this:
FRIEND: Your daughter is such a doll.
ME: Well, thank you.
FRIEND: No, really. Every time I see her I’m struck by what a pretty little girl she is.
ME: That’s sweet of you to say.
FRIEND: So, does she like K’s baby pictures?
ME: No, not really. Her brother does, but she really doesn’t.
FRIEND: Does she look like someone else in his family?
ME: I don’t think so.
FRIEND: Does she look like your baby pictures?
ME: I think she does a little. Our eyes are different colors, but I think I see a resemblance in pictures.
FRIEND: Or maybe she looks like someone in your family?
ME: We think she looks like my mom’s baby pictures.
FRIEND: I’ve just been trying to figure it out. Because she looks nothing like you. (pause) She’s absolutely beautiful.
ME: (pause) Thanks (?)
And now that I’ve made Ralph’s day, I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to the most definite better half of that couple, his precious wife and one of my very best friends AND the mother of the great Ruby Jane. Happy birthday, Tanya. I hope this is your best year yet! I consider it an honor and a privilege to call you friend.


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21 responses to “You Ought to Be in Pictures…Just Maybe Not So Many

  1. adorable! ‘specially the hugging one… oh! and the gramma one!

    will never, ever, ever show that app to my teen son.


    some sights you just can’t unsee.

  2. tanya

    Ruby Jane wants to know how A made herself look like sunshine! Thank you for the wishes! Your words and pictures made my day!!!

  3. Those pictures are hysterical. And the the story at the end … yeah. My sister suffered a similar conversation.

    Church person: “Son #2 looks JUST LIKE YOU.”
    My sister: “Oh, thank you.”
    Church person: “Son #1 was WAY cuter! Do you remember how cute he was? He must take after your husband’s family. Now HE was a beautiful baby!”

  4. carpoolqueen

    The one of B&A hugging made me melt. And then I was slightly horrified at the sight of the other B&A choking each other.

    • whimzie

      I thought you were going to be horrified at the stack of junk on the chair behind them. But then I remembered you know that the computer’s in my office which has also become the junking, everybody-leave-your-stuff-on-Mom’s chair room. And then I was comforted by the fact that even if you didn’t know, you love me and don’t judge.

  5. I love the photo montage. That’s awesome! I love to watch the videos our kids take when we aren’t paying attention. I’d show one of them on the blog, but it shows the true state of our playroom. Because I want everyone to think it looks like The Land of Nod catalog.

  6. Can I come over and take a lesson? Film lesson from your kids. Make up lesson for you. Yours looks fabulous, even with all the special FX.

    When D was in 1st grade, he learned to use a program like this in computer lab. Private school $ at work. 😉

  7. I LOVE these pictures. Absolute fun.

  8. I SO need to do this and link up…my webcam has been broken for a while (lord only knows how that happened) but my kids literally have done the same thing…and one of C’s videos I really thought “Spielberg”. 😉

    Those Snoodles melt my heart and so does their BEAUTIFUL Mama!

  9. Those are some crazy pictures! Cute little Snoodles (BTW, did you know they are characters on Veggie Tales?).

    Love the back handed non compliment from Ralph. Real smooth, Ralph.

    • whimzie

      In Ralph’s defense (and he certainly needs one), he wasn’t the one who said that about my daughter. He wishes he’d thought of it first, but he didn’t say it.

      And actually, the Veggie Tales Snoodles is where I got the name for this blog. I’m a Snoodle, you see.

      • Ralph

        Thank you for coming to my defense.

        Yes, it is a great story…and no, it was not me (actually, someone far nicer than me),…but yes, my day was made (mainly due to the nice things you said about my wife).

        BTW, I told you this is a dangerous place for me to speak…I will lose on all fronts…even when it isn’t even my fault….and I haven’t even spoken..

  10. What fun pictures!

    sandy toe

  11. I have entertained myself for hours with photobooth! That’s just funny stuff, right there!

    Oh, and I had someone tell me, “Miles is SO cute. I think he looks JUST like his dad. Not much like you though…”

    Gee, thanks. 🙂

  12. We used to do that all the time! I wonder if Gabe still has the pics on his iMac.

    You have lovely eyebrows.

  13. Here’s hoping my kids never find that app. We don’t have that much space left on the pre-cuter.
    Great story. I think we all have one like that. My MIL once said my son looked ‘as mean as a snake’ to which my husband replied, ‘yeah, we think he looks a lot like KC’s daddy.’

  14. My crazy kids do the same thing! I need to find out how many of those pictures and videos are saved on this computer. And I need to get some pictures with me in them, just for a good laugh. Maybe I’ll do the roller coaster, with sound effects!

  15. Shut.Up. Those are the cutest things EVUH.
    Print EVERY one out and frame them. And…uh…you can send the bill to…uh….Ralph? Maybe?

    Worth a shot.

  16. haha love all the pictures – the ones with granny especially cracked me up.

    Oh and do people not think before they say things? I’m convinced they dont . . .

  17. Love the pictures…

    The story was priceless…

  18. Jennifer

    Love the pics – hilarious! And your Snoodles are super cute! Also, so glad someone else has endured the backhanded compliments about their kids! It’s almost like a gentle slap in the face after you stop and think about it – “what a pretty baby – I mean it…she’s a beautiful little girl! She looks nothing like you though….must look just like her daddy.” Gee thanks, cosmetic counter sales lady for sending me back into therapy. Really needed that today!!! (seriously….this conversation actually happened! and has happened with both my kids – apparently, I just provide womb space and perhaps mental DNA – hubbie apparently provides the looks! hee hee!!!) Thanks for sharing the stories and photos – they are precious! (and “bless your heart” ha ha.)

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