Why, Yes, This Is An Entire Post About A Cookie

Do you have a World Market close to where you live?

If you do, I want to introduce you to your new best friends.

Yes, I know they’re cookies, but they’re also an event. It’s like a little party every time you take a bite.

I don’t know how they make these things. It’s like they took two super thin crispy cookies and stuck them together with a layer of delicious milk chocolate in between.

My aunt introduced me to them when she was here last year and my life will never be the same.

I love them so much that I’m not even going to spend much time debating with myself whether they should have spelled that last word “Lacies” instead of “Laceys.” According to my spell check, both spellings are wrong. I don’t really care how they’re spelled, just don’t get between me and that little plastic container.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what happened but I may have bought two containers on Sunday: one that I shared with the family and one that I think I may have hid. And now one container may be empty and the other one may be dangerously close to the same fate.

I may have had Laceys for breakfast and lunch yesterday. Nothing else. Just Laceys.

Don’t judge me.

Especially since I’ve decided not to keep this wonderful knowledge to myself. I think you should all go to World Market and buy some. Unless you live near my World Market. in which case, you’d best stay away from them so there will be more for me.

World Market did not pay me to talk about their fine product, although if they wanted to remunerate me, I’m pretty sure we could work out a deal.

Since I was so nice to share, would any of you like to return the favor and tell me what new snack food you’ve discovered that the rest of us may have been missing from our lives?



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17 responses to “Why, Yes, This Is An Entire Post About A Cookie

  1. It’s not new, but the best little ‘have for b’fast and lunch and dinner ’til they’re gone’ snack for me are those Nutty Buddies.


  2. nica

    Doug made a batch of chocolate covered cordial cherry peanut butter balls last weekend. The last half dozen went into tupperware in the fridge and haven’t been seen since (at least as far as anyone else in the family is concerned). This is NOT the fridge pet you are looking for. . . heh heh heh.

  3. carpoolqueen

    First, I laughed because when I saw the picture I immediately noticed that the container was half empty.

    Second, I’m supposed to be productive today, and if it turns out that I am, I’ll reward myself with a little trip to the Market and blame you for not fitting into my swimsuit next month.

    Third, I’m currently eating handfuls of the oatmeal cranberry cookies drizzled with white chocolate from Trader Joe’s. Be very glad you don’t have one in town.

  4. The World Market nearest me CLOSED last year…and I LOVED going in there!!

    Hmm..I’ll have to find the NEXT closest one..maybe it’s yours! 😉

    oh gosh, you’re asking a lot of me to pick a snack I can’t keep my hands off of because that would be a LOT of snacks..

    BUT, I’ll tell you this, my Aunt Gail made this saltine cracker (yes, weird) bark stuff at Christmas with chocolate melted over the top, toffee-ish and I literally ate the ENTIRE bag…it was so divine.

    • My mother-in-law makes the same thing!! I swear I couldnt love it more unless it somehow incorporated cheese . . . haha but i eat SO much of it why is it so good??

  5. I love World Market, but we don’t have one even remotely close to where we live. They have great dishes and home decor, but the food is definitely my favorite part.

    I found some cinnamon twists at Trader Joe’s that I LOVE. And they’re really low fat and light. We just ran out, so I need to find someone to send me a new shipment.

  6. oh I LOVE World Market and I love cookies, what a great combo! 🙂 and I see absolutely nothing wrong with an entire post about cookies

  7. HA. You know where I live. Ain’t no World Market here.

    Or Trader Joes.

    Or even a Target.

    But the SAM’S CHOICE fudge cookies are delightful. 🙂

  8. Sami

    I LOVE THOSE!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! And, yes, I meant to use all caps. They are THAT good.

    World Market is my happy place.

    Well, that and Williams Sonoma.

    P.S. They have FAB furniture and super good deals on it too.

  9. Betty Boop

    If you like a maple flavor, there is a really tasty cookie at Wally World. I can’t remember the name but it’s on the shelf with the not-the-normal brands. Has a picture of the maple cookie in the form of a maple leaf. Ummmmm
    Too bad I’ve given up sweets, sounds good!!!

  10. I like the Archer Farm parmesan twists at Target. I’m a bigger fan of salt than I am sugar. 😉

  11. Chocolate covered pretzels. Dark chocolate. But milk chocolate will do in a pinch. Brand? Doesn’t matter really….just as long as they’re present.:)

  12. I’m conflicted.

    Do I tell us both to repent, or do I cyberhug you for the new information?

  13. Lydia Stevenson

    I am still on the crack popcorn, which is good since Poland does not seem to have a World Market. I may or may not have stuffed 3 chunks of Almond Bark in my suitcases because of my addiction.

  14. OLD Friend

    Well, it’s not exactly a snack, and it’s not exactly new…but the last time I had any was in 1990 in South Africa. I love Vegemite and World Market has it! Next time I’m there I’ll look for the cookies too.

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