To the Birthday Boy

I’m bringing a big cookie from The Great American Cookie Company to your third grade class later this morning. Tonight, I’ll send you to choir practice with a couple dozen Krispy Kreme Happy Birthday doughnuts. On Friday, I’m bringing home a few of your friends for your very first slumber party. This weekend we’ll take the whole family out to dinner and you can pick any restaurant you want. We’ll probably throw in a gift or two. I’ll do everything I can do to make your ninth birthday a special one and yet…

It still won’t be enough to thank you for what you did for me.

You made one of the biggest dreams of my life come true.

You made me a mom.

I had more to say but I can’t because these pictures make me cry.

Before I ever even met you, I imagined what a wonderful boy you’d be. You are far more amazing than my very best dream.

I love you more,




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24 responses to “To the Birthday Boy

  1. Amy

    Great post! Can’t think about it too long, because it will make me cry, too!

  2. Oh, so, sweet! He is such a handsome boy! Happy Birthday to him.

  3. Growing boys make my heart ache.

    I’m not ready for them to get bigger. NOT.AT.ALL.

    Happy Birthday to the oldest Snoodle!

  4. You have such a cute family, and your little grown up boy seems so sweet. I always will remember those times when my mom would do something extra just for my birthday. Your boy is lucky to have such a good mom too!
    Your post made me cry, because even though I only have a 6 month old baby boy, I know that someday I’ll be looking at pictures of him and wishing he was this little again.
    I didn’t have the internet for a while, so in comment to your other posts, I wanted to say thank you for the vivid trip down memory lane and the hilarious story of your throwing up all over the car. 🙂
    One more thing, I just started reading Same Kind of Different as Me and I love it! Can’t-stop-reading -it, stayed-up-until-midnight love it.

  5. Hugs and kisses to my computer nephew. I’m weepy. Thanks, Whimz. Gosh, the picture in the tux looks! I mean, he does favor you, but right there? Separated at birth.

  6. Awww. So very sweet. I love the photo retrospective. Hope y’all have a super sweet happy birthday celebration!

  7. Gretchen

    I guess you got me, there. 😉

  8. He is adorable! Happy Birthday to him!!!

  9. Ralph

    That is a pretty great kid! I am thankful we know him.

    Still, my favorite story centers around his naming of the twins….

  10. So sweet! I just love the picture with the twins!! I didn’t realize that our oldest boys were the same age. Happy Birthday to The biggest Snoodle!!

  11. Love Those Curls! My oldest just turned 10. 10! It goes too fast. Happy Birthday Snoodle One!

  12. Awwww…so sweet. Give the birthday boy an extra kiss. My oldest will be THIRTEEN in a few weeks and my heart is already mush. Reading posts like these just make me even weepier.

    Hope you’re having a good day!

  13. He is so, so darling! Happy Birthday, young man!

    And he’s just a month(ish) behind my 9-year-old, who looked JUST like him from behind with her curly hair. (Would’ve loved to have known you when we were preggers for the first time.)

  14. Precious pictures of a precious boy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Happy Birthday to your little man…they grow so fast.

  16. Yep. Weepy, here.

    I know all about those first-born boys and how they melt your heart oh so much.

    What a darlin’ little man you have there…his curls?! PRE.CIOUS. dang! I adore his little pics and getting a glimpse at how big he is!!

    My boy will be double digits this year (Sept) and I just can’t believe it. So much is changing in him and already, I scarce can take it in!!

    Happy Birthday, darlin’ boy!!

  17. These pics made me cry too! Happy Birthday to your baby!

  18. aww sweet boy – happy bday! 🙂

  19. Joy R. Hanley

    I remember the first conversation you and I had on the phone after Blake was born. Lauren was 8 months old. Going through such difficulty to get these children born, and yet it seems that is truly when my life began! I can faintly remember life without children, and wouldn’t go back (for more than a few hours anyway)!lol 🙂 Happy Birthday to your handsome big boy! Lauren hits the bog 10 this year! TIME NEEDS TO STOP! Just for a few minutes. I need to catch my breath! I had the realization just a few days ago that Andrew is now the age Lauren was when he was born! It seems like she was still so little then. He on the other hand seems so big. ;( Hope Blake and the siblings have a great week-end. Sounds pretty jam packed!
    Love you all!


  20. thank you for wrecking my makeup.

    please pass along happy birthdays to your son.

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