Is It Repeating Myself Or Showing Off My Superior Remembery Skills When I Re-Tell a Story?

Usually I enter a January Funk right after the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s not a George Clinton and the Parliament kind of funk. It’s a missing-all-the-Christmas-spirit funk. The house always looks a little blah when the Christmas decorations get packed away, so I bring out my snow and snowmen decorations for January to transition me slowly back to life after twinkly white lights. I unpacked the snowmen children that I bought last year and they’re standing side-by-side on the upstairs landing. Every single time I pass them, they give me a giggle because I’m always reminded of the “Whatsoever Thou Doest to My Snowman Thou Doest Unto Me” story I told you last year. Remember? Here’s the link:

The Link to the Snowman Story That Makes Whimzie Laugh to Herself Every Single Time She Thinks of It That We Will Click and Read Because We’re Her Friends & Know It’s Best to Just Humor Her When She Gets Like This

Did you read it? Now, I know in some psychology circles what he did would be considered “passive-aggressive,” but as his mother, I just think it was plain funny. Every time I pass those snowmen, my winter funk is replaced with a little of the George Clinton kind. One of the extra added benefits of parenthood that I didn’t read about in any of  my  What to Expect books is the extra dose of sunshine children provide to help you get through tough times. I’m so grateful for my three little Snoodles and know that even though they taunt that last little nerve of mine at times, they’re also a big reason it’s still hanging on by a thread.

Have a happy January day and may all your snowmen stand upright….unless they don’t, which makes for a good laugh, too!


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15 responses to “Is It Repeating Myself Or Showing Off My Superior Remembery Skills When I Re-Tell a Story?

  1. Loved it. I cracked up 🙂 and followed all your links — I’m trying to avoid work ok?!

  2. Gretchen

    I think I need to purchase some snow people. Maybe my kids will catch on that it’s a better idea to hit/toss inanimate objects, rather than each other.

    Loved this! I needed a January chortle, as I miss the twinkly anticipation of Christmas,too.

  3. I remember that story from last year! I’ve wanted some snow people ever since, and I wonder how they’d get mistreated by my kids. I think at least one of them would end up with no arms or legs, and maybe no head. One of my children likes to take things apart.

  4. I remember that story, too!! 🙂

    If I were to get Snow People, they would be hogtied and gagged. It’s how we roll.

  5. Hang in there..Spring is next…wink!

    sandy toe

  6. So funny!

    Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning. 😉

  7. Oh, that is funny. We should all have ‘snow people’ year round (including for the Hubbys).

  8. That is hysterical. And did you mean to type “clink” because that is a really cool word to use in this context.

    • whimzie

      No, I didn’t mean to type “clink” but thanks for graciously making it look like I really meant to do that. I’m afraid what we have here is a failure to properly proofread before hitting publish. But check out the alliteration in that sentence!

      For anyone who reads this post after this point, I edited the “clink” to say “click.” I tell you this in case you have a touch of OCD (not that there’s a THING wrong with that) and would not be able to rest until you found the “clink” in this post. You won’t find it. It’s no longer there. You are free to move about the cabin.

  9. Hil-arious!

    Unfortunately this “therapy” would not work in our house, for the cute “little snowmen/snowoman” would end up in the closet as therapy for my husband’s phobia that these types of dolls walk around at night terrorizing the man of the home. And I’m sure he’ll appreciate me sharing that.

  10. Betty Boop

    Whimzie, you are hilarious!!! Such a sweet kind little Snoodle to retaliate in that way instead of actually doing bodily harm such as my grans to do each other!

  11. At least your Christmas decorations are put away. Mine are still hanging. Maybe I should start calling it my ‘transition’ tree. Oh the shame!
    P.S. thanks for pointing out that you corrected the clink. I would have searched for days!

  12. oh dude… still laughing.

    *deep belly laughs*

  13. I cannot read your posts after my children have gone to bed, lest I wake them with my cackling.

  14. Marie

    Oh my goodness, that is completely priceless.

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