Another Post in Which I Discuss Nothing

Before I forget, I had to make a correction on the Whatever We’re Calling It Now Spiced Tea mix recipe. I said to add a little less than TWO cups of granulated sugar but I meant to say to add a little less than THREE cups of sugar. The Carpoolqueen  (aka Sus or CPQ) and I discovered my mistake when she was trying to recreate the recipe and found that it tasted a little wonky. And not in the good Willie Wonka way that you would want something to taste. I suggested several remedies and then rechecked my notes only to find that I had messed up the sugar amount. Of course, we conducted all of our tweaks over Twitter, which @journeyguy sweetly reminded us was not the kind or correct way to use Twitter. We told him that no one had called for the Twitter police thanked him kindly for reminding us to communicate through other means, but by that point the 2nd Spiced Tea Emergency of 2010 (tough year for hot beverages so far!) had been resolved.

I know that I don’t use Twitter correctly. I don’t blog correctly either. For one thing, I sometimes blog when I don’t have anything of real substance to say (see this post). Also, I have read that it’s important that a blog has a theme or a message or at least a central idea that defines what the blogger is trying to say to those who take the time to read. Remember in school when you’d have to read paragraphs and then pick out the topic sentence? Well, this blog doesn’t seem to have a topic sentence. It’s all over the place. But honestly, so am I. I have heard that it’s important to write what you know and “all over the place” seems to be what I know best so at least I’m excelling in that endeavor, right?

But here’s a little story about the danger of having a blog that’s all over the place. I have a really good friend who has a friend who is an author. I know I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have an author friend from the computer who is friends with an author, but this is a different friend. I am the friend of many friends who are friends with authors, I suppose.Well, my friend, let’s call him Ralph, doesn’t read my blog on a regular basis. Actually he doesn’t read anything on a regular basis. I don’t think it’s that he can’t read, although he did graduate from Texas A&M, it’s more that he chooses not to read. Apparently he’s reached his knowledge saturation point. Ralph has read at least one of his author friend’s books and really liked it, which says a lot about his friend’s writing ability if he could hold Ralph’s attention. Then again, it’s a well-established fact that his friend knows his way around words and writes good stuff that makes people think.

So Ralph and his author friend were talking last week and Ralph told his friend about this blog. I think he may have said it was deep and meaningful (which goes to show how often Ralph actually reads this blog). And then Ralph suggested that his friend stop by and read it. Did Ralph give me a heads up that his friend would be stopping by? Why, no, he didn’t. Want to take a look at last week’s posts and take a guess on what day he told his friend about my blog? Don’t bother, it will take too long. I’ll just tell you. He told him to stop by on Breakfast Casserole Recipe day. Yep.  That’s what he did.

Since we’re talking food, let me see if I can use a Food Network example to explain to you how the above paragraph made me feel. I think it would be a little like if Ralph had invited Alton Brown to my house for dinner and didn’t tell me he was coming. And I walked downstairs to answer the door wearing the hospital scrubs that I stole borrowed from the hospital where I worked and looking like my hair had a party last night. And we were having hot dogs for supper. And not even grilled hot dogs. Microwaved ones. On sandwich bread because I forgot to buy hot dog buns.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But it was good check on what I’m doing here. Oh sure, I say that I’d keep writing even if no one were reading, and who knows? Maybe I would. But of course I like to get feedback about the stuff I say.  A lot of times the comments serve as a validation of sorts that I’m not the only one who feels like I do. Other times I just enjoy the conversation that I start but that really takes place in the comment section. I love the interaction. Am I abnormal if I like it when people take the time to read something I have to say? Doesn’t everyone like to be heard? Am I even crazier when I get an even bigger thrill when they take the time to say something back to me about what I just said?

This has made me remember that anyone could stop by here anytime for any reason. Sure I’d always like to have my best blog outfit on and write “the best post ever” every time I sit down at the computer. But like I said a little earlier, my blog world mirrors who I really am in the world outside this computer. You might run into me out at lunch wearing my killer brown boots that I bought with my birthday money, perfectly coiffed and my under-eye circles concealed. Or you might run into me at Walmart wearing the jogging suit I slept in the night before looking like death warmed over in a Mason jar. I’m both of those people. One day you might accidentally read something insightful here that may even make you think. (It will most likely be a comment someone else wrote on one of my posts, but I’ll take the credit for getting the conversation started.) Many days, like today, I write a whole lot about nothing. But it’s just me being real in this place where I hang out with my friends. And you, whether you’ve ever written a book or even read one, are always welcome here. Thanks for stopping by.



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24 responses to “Another Post in Which I Discuss Nothing

  1. Gretchen

    You are an excellent writer. Whether writing about something or about nothing at all. And much as I lurve your writing, I am delighted, charmed, warmed, & challenged by the writer even more than by the writing. Love u.

  2. If this blog even gives a glimpse of who you are, lady… I can’t even wait to meet you… for it paints a picture of someone who is not just an incredible writer, but a fantastic follower of God.

    my kinda lady.

    and my kinda post.

    well done 🙂

  3. I could assign a theme even to this…
    “Thoughts on why I blog”
    “Thoughts on my attempt to be real”
    “Catching me a good day/catching me on a bad day”

    Enjoy your blog…

  4. tanya

    Love your topic! 🙂

  5. That is the fun about blogging, who needs a theme?! Isn’t it all about the moment and where you are at during that point of time?

    Love your blog and your writing, even when you talk “food.” Yummy! Although, that was kind of funny…

    Have a great week!

  6. Ralph

    I do appreciate that you have changed my name…but I also notice you chose a name that we used in High School to represent…well, let’s say “protein expulsions.”
    I am sure that it is purely coincidental and not on purpo…never mind…pretty sure it was intentional…
    By the way, let me know when you have one of those “my hair had a party days.” I really want to note the difference.

    • whimzie

      You know what’s sad? Besides your alma mater’s performance in the Independence Bowl? That the only way to get you to read or comment on my blog is to tell you that you’re in it. Wow. That’s really sad.

      • Ralph

        Not true…I would still read…(as much as I hate to admit it, I do think you are a phenomenal communicator)….but I was compelled to read as I may need…well…evidence.

        Also, I notice I am already receiving jabs from your readers…I am fairly certain I have just dangled my foot in the Amazon…

  7. I love posts with no purpose! Because that seems to be the theme of my blog. Hey, maybe THAT CAN be a theme!

  8. Ralph sounds like a real winner. 😉

  9. I was just thinking how intrigued I was that you would choose the name “Ralph” for your buddy. I would have chosen “Edgar.” It’s my random male name of choice.

    And I’m a fan of the random. Obviously.

  10. Often it’s the posts “about nothing” that are the most interesting/entertaining. I can actually “hear” you talking while you typed this. 🙂 That’s what keeps me reading. Love it.

  11. I love your blog. I love that you write about everything!

    I have no theme, rhyme or reason to my blog. I probably break all the blogland rules. But, it our blog (yours-mine) shouldn’t we write what WE want and how we want? There should be no blog or twitter rules. Unless of course, we were a blog specifically about cooking….then posting about your menstrual cramps and Target deals would not make sense. Personally….I like to read about it all. Unless I’m looking for a recipe and then I’ll go straight to a cooking blog 😉 (or actually YOUR recipe section!)

  12. Obviously, I break grammar rules too….that should say “it’s our blog….”

  13. I read this whole post. Twice. And i can’t get over that there is a “right” way to do Twitter? Huh?

    Too bad about the unfortunate visit from Alton on hot dog night. The good news is that any writer who is worth his salt in the cookie dough knows that it isn’t the lone Casserole that makes the blogger, but the Sweetheart who writes it.

  14. ok clearly if this blog reflects you, then we will be best friends forever 🙂 I love every single post my friend. Especially breakfast casserole ones . . .

  15. carpoolqueen

    Did you get new boots? You didn’t tell me.

  16. Sami

    I think that you always have a point to what you’re writing. And sometimes not having a point is the point. Duh. Yes, I just said “duh”.

    And if I read nothing else it’s yours. Because you make me happy. When skies are gray. 🙂

  17. Reminds me of the ONE time John Blase came by my blog…it was about bras. Yep.

    I adore your words…no matter how random, intentional, whatever!!! I adore you, too!

  18. I just loved reading this blog… it went exactly like I think/talk, especially when I don’t take my ADD medicine! LOL!!!! I can’t tell that the meds do any good, but my family totally disagrees w/that.
    Your blog is full of variety: thought provoking & deep at times, frivolous & fun at other times, informative & helpful too. Keep on writing & we’ll keep on reading!

  19. Betty Boop

    You and Ralph are cross talking!!!! (Ask your Mom about this….)

  20. I love your writing style! And I love how authentic and real your blog is.

    My blog’s theme is Random. That’s a theme, right?

  21. I got mentioned; I got mentioned!!!! Oh wait. It was kind of snippy. But still… I’m famous. 😉

    I totally agree with some of these others. You are an incredible writer! How come you never volunteered to help Mitch and I crank out the yearbook copy at OBU?

  22. Joy R. Hanley

    In playing catch up today reading my emails I couldn’t let this entry go without comment! I remember the childhood days of writing about completely nothing!! Remember when we would write a Honea Path Gazette?? Oooh my! So much of NOTHING that we had to make up most all the stories! Complete with a homeless man living in our wood that smoked a pipe. All this if you remember was done by hand on notebook paper and construction paper. We put alot of work into “nothing”, and were very proud of our results! So you also should be of your blog! Sometime a little “nothingness” is exactly what the Dr. would order.
    PS) I’ve also got some vivid memories of a few of those jogging suit moments! You could really do some AMAZING things for your look with a scrunchie and a pair of crocs! lol Hope you’re having a “pretty” day today full of “nothing” type moments, and I look forward to reading about them here! Love ya cuz! 🙂

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